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Global Game Jam entry Emerald now on Kickstarter

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Emerald, a game about exploring a spaceship in zero-gravity, was originally conceived during the 2013 Global Game Jam, but has since drifted through the cold void of the Internet and landed on Kickstarter.  While Emerald can be described as “Thomas Was Alone meets Analogue: A Hate Story meets System Shock, but without any gravity.

Emerald is an atmospheric, story-driven action/adventure game, featuring a mysterious sci-fi environment with a heavy emphasis on exploration. It is being built for PC, Mac and Linux. Creator Nick Yonge seeks $5,800 (Canadian) so that Emerald can release February 13, 2014 on PC, Mac and Linux.

The Ship is floating dead in space, adrift in the interstellar void. In zero-gravity you navigate its haunting, labyrinthine corridors. Through flickering terminals you bring electric subsystems back to life. Your life and survival depends on what systems you choose to reactivate.While you experience intense interactive flashbacks of your old life. How did you get to where you are? What kind of person were you? What is the significance of the word “Emerald“?

Hidden ciphers and encrypted secrets tease the periphery of your senses. Vivid interactive memories of your past reveal why you’re even aboard this vessel. There is no gibberish-text; everything has meaning. The story is wide open for interpretation, investigation, and imagination. What kind of disaster brought your original mission to a standstill? What is the significance of the word “Emerald”?

Emerald was originally conceived at the 2013 Global Game Jam (of which krangGAMES was both a sponsor and participant). It was initially intended to be an online Flash game, but soon grew into something far more substantial. The prototype is built in Flash, but the final version is constructed in Unity to take advantage of better visual features, optimized performance and the ability to build to virtually any platform, consoles included.

The Kickstarter funds will be used for three things:

  • Development! To fund the development of final build of Emerald over an approximately four-month period, and cover any business costs that are involved.
  • Wonderful helpers! To pay all those who’ve helped Emerald become what it is today. This includes the audio designers at Power Up Audio and artists at Miniboss, who have generously lent their talent pro-bono and have done an amazing job.
  • Kickstarter costs! To pay for the Kickstarter fees and Backer Rewards themselves, mainly for development and shipping of the posters.

Check out more details for Emerald on Kickstarter

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