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Glorious Companions tactical RPG support

glorious companions tactical rpg support linux windows pc games

Glorious Companions is a turn based tactical RPG that just released with Windows PC support, but the games also coming to Linux. Thanks to developer Ancient Forge Studio. Who just released the game on Early Access with a discount.

Glorious Companions takes place in the dark fantasy world of Navaroth. Since you craft your journey as a leader of a mercenary company. As you aspire to become a powerful lord. While you work to solve the mystery of the Ancient Guardians. Or just ride around the continent building your fortune on trade.

Linux Support:

“I think it should be coming in the next few months. Once we stabilize the Windows version.”

This was the reply in the Steam Discussion. But still good news. Since the studio obviously has Linux in sight. Which also leads me to believe this will be a cross platform (SteamDB) game. Which is being developed in Unity 3D. So it runs at a Platinum level with Proton.

Polish indie developer, Ancient Forge Studio. Also just released Glorious Companions on Steam. The reviews are 76% Mostly Positive. But since this an Early Access release. So it’s about working with the community to shape the game. Which is a distinct open world mercenary management title. But this is a single player game.

Glorious Companions is a unique mix of Heroes of Might and Magic and Mount & Blade. Check out the trailer below to get some further idea.

Glorious Companions Steam Early Access Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

There was also a delay for the EA release. Since the team wanted to build more mechanics. Polish their game for the release.

Glorious Companions is a singleplayer 3D turn based tactical RPG. As you explore the dark fantasy world of Navaroth. You also create your own journey as a leader mercenaries. The game’s core fundamental value lies in freedom. Giving players the option to become a powerful lord. And hopefully ensure your survival.

The studio behind GC consists of two friends from the middle-school days. Who sacrifice all the evenings and weekends to work on their dream game. A dream that started a decade ago. As the first prototype for Glorious Companions was back in 2009. The game is based on a custom pen-n-paper RPG system. Created in an original fantasy world. So you won’t find any dwarves or orcs in there.

Glorious Companions is available on Early Access for Windows PC. Priced at $29.99 USD / £23.79 / €26.99. Plus a 10% discount until June 11th. The games Linux support is also coming. So make sure to Wishlist.

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