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Goat Simulator Gets a New Launch Trailer

Goat Simulator, the upcoming #release from Coffee Stain Studios, received a new launch trailer.

The #game will be available digitally on April 1 for PC. Players can pre-order the game for $10 on Steam or through the Goat Simulator website. A Mac or #Linux version is a possibility if enough demand is created.

While it may sound like just another simulator game, one look at the launch trailer proves Goat Simulator is far from the average simulation. The simulation genre has a history of being a realistic portrayal of the thing they are simulating. Titles such as SimCity, RollerCoaster Tycoon and Flight Simulator pride themselves on their representations of what it would be like to manage a city, control vehicles and more.

Goat Simulator is more of a farce of games like Street Cleaner Simulator and Farming Simulator. Unlike those games where the objective is clear, Goat Simulator gives players control of a goat as it launches into objects, racks up combos and flops around with exaggerated ragdoll physics.

Quick Take

The launch trailer for Goat Simulator does a hilarious job at spoofing the acclaimed teaser trailer for the original Dead Island. According to the creator, the game is “broken and stupid” but the player created chaos seems well worth the investment. It will be fun to see players post their gameplay videos, filled with as much mayhem and ridiculousness as seen in the trailer.

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