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Goat Simulator set unleash in North American stores this July

Goat Simulator set release retail box in North American stores this July

Goat Simulator has been available as a #Steam download since April 1, but this is a physical game about physical things getting physically wrecked by a very physical goat; doesn’t it deserve a physical release? #DeepSilver thinks so, which is why it’s acquired North American distribution rights from #developer Coffee Stain Studios.

You will be able to pick up a boxed copy of the game at participating retail stores starting in mid-July. Thankfully, while goats are known to eat just about anything, this even-toed ungulate will go easy on your cash. The boxed copy – like its Steam counterpart (Linux, Mac, Windows) – will cost $9.99 (currently on sale for $7.99).

Of course, the goat-in-a-game-shop news might sound familiar to those living across the pond; it’s been available in UK stores since May.  No word on what platforms will be included in the boxed version.

Deep Silver Joins the Funny Farm, Acquires the North American Distribution Rights for Goat Simulator for PC

– The Baaaadest Video Game Simulator Showcases Goats Gone Mad With Ridiculous Head Butts, Jetpacks and A Super Sticky Tongue –

Larkspur, Calif., June 27, 2014 – Today Deep Silver announced it has acquired the North American PC distribution rights for Goat Simulator from Coffee Stain Studios – the most unique goat simulator of the goat simulator genre and quite possibly the funniest game in the history of games, ever, forever.

Available in participating retail stores for $9.99 by mid-July, the title includes the patch 1.1 content with new goats, the ability to ride a bike and skateboard, a new map and local four-player split screen multiplayer mode. New game modes include Capture the Flag, Racing Mode, and Ragdoll Hockey.

Supporting Steam Workshop, Goat Simulator players can create their own goats, levels, missions and more. While the main character may get hit by a truck, head butt a car until it explodes or perform endless other acts of rampage with style, rest assured that the goat will never die and a humans’ desire to destroy things can forever be fulfilled. The slow motion controls, exaggerated physics, ridiculous bugs and random events in the small, yet dense maps make it easy to enjoy this sandbox goat simulator. Strap on the jetpack, jump on a trampoline and head butt your way into video game absurdity with Goat Simulator.

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