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Goat’s Tale 2 the next platformer via Proton

goat's tale 2 the next platformer game coming via proton to linux via windows pc

Goat’s Tale 2 the next platformer game coming via Proton to Linux via Windows PC. Once again thanks to the inventive minds of FoxSox Games. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Goat’s Tale 2 is a game in the genre of precise platformers. It is also the next installment of the very well-received first part. Since it received 50k downloads and 84% positive reviews on Steam.
As in the predecessor, the main goal of the player is to get to the top. All thanks to completely new mechanics and improved physics. This task should be a little easier.

On top of this, FoxSox emailed with further details about the game.

The game is made in Clickteam Fushion 2.5 and some time after the premiere of the Windows version, we plan to release the port for MacOS and Linux, but via emulations. Because unfortunately Clickteam only supports this way of making ports for these versions. The game will definitely support Steam Deck because it is one of our main goals, but only some time after the premiere.

This might trigger some, and others, not. But FoxSox Games are honest about their Goat’s Tale 2 porting plans. As well as the known issues regarding Clickteam Fushion 2.5. While keeping some focus on Proton, as well as the Steam Deck. So there is a win here, being the Deck. But the first game does offer platinum support via ProtonDB.

First Look – Goat’s Tale 2

Many new mechanics are making additions to the game. Such as, elevators with which our brave goat can move in 4 directions. Or special rock ledges that you can grab to slide down easily without bouncing off the walls.

Goat’s Tale 2 is much more exploring than its predecessor. At each stage, you can find buried treasures or NPCs who will advise you on how to overcome more difficult jumps. And also give you a penny for your help.

There is also a co-op split screen, available in Goat’s Tale Plus. This also returns to the game, so that players can take part in duels to see who will get the most points.

Goat’s Tale 2 is the next platformer game much with more exploring than its predecessor. Due to arrive on Windows PC, but Linux support via Proton. Be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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