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Goblins of Elderstone native build due next year

goblins of elderstone linux and mac native builds due for the game next year with windows pc

Goblins of Elderstone Linux and Mac game builds are due to release next year with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Outerdawn. Which just released a new update via Steam Early Access.

Outerdawn announced that Goblins Of Elderstone’s new Heroes of Elderstone update a few days ago. Which is also now live for populating the new tavern building with heroes. Who can also be hired to aid you on your grand adventures and pillaging raids. As well as adding a host of other new features and fixes to the game.

Reaching out to developer Outerdawn again, they have updated details for Linux and Mac support.

…we are close to Beta now and are looking good for early next year

Goblins Of Elderstone is due for a Linux and Mac build next year now. Since they are close to a Beta, Outerdawn does not have an official release yet. Having already moved the date a couple of times. They are leaving out any announcements until closer to the new year. But it’s good to see that Linux support is still in the plan. Plus the gameplay is starting to take better shape in the latest update.

The new tavern building added in the update will be a place for heroes to congregate. Giving you the opportunity to hire from a large selection of random and unique heroes. All due to help defend your Goblins Of Elderstone village. Or maybe provide powerful bonuses to a trek when assigned as their party’s leader. A new batch of heroes looking for an excuse to share their epic stories. And also down some goblin ales will wander into the tavern every in-game Summer. This also gives players a fresh batch to choose from.

Goblins of Elderstone Trailer

Players might recognize some of the heroes. Such as the Goblin Adventuring Party from the wonderful Goblins! webcomic. There is also a selection of special goblin heroes thanks to Goblins of Elderstone Kickstarter backers. As well as the appearance of a hero from Stormbane. This is the novel taking place in an alternate version of Elderstone.

The Heroes of Elderstone update also adds a host of new features. Including balancing changes and bug fixes. Highlights include the addition of the new goblin traits Insomniac, Immune, Strong, Savage, Hot-Blooded, Hippie, and Speedy. All adding a layer of depth to the game’s intriguing tribal simulation systems. Plus a new warning system for conditions and needs. With a new notification system for construction sites missing resources.

The Goblins of Elderstone new content drop follows in the footsteps of the Gods of Elderstone update. Which added a pantheon of gods to be worshipped and exploited for the betterment of goblin tribes. All careful to treat them well enough to avoid their mighty wrath.

Players will be able to get a taste of what Goblins of Elderstone offers. The Unreal Engine 4 game also works well via Proton, should you want to take it for a spin.

Goblins of Elderstone is currently available via Steam Early Access for Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / €16.79. With a final launch expected early next year. Including support for Linux and Mac.

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