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Godhood gets a full release but support ends?

godhood gets a full release but support ends for linux mac windows pc

Godhood gets a full release but support ends for Linux and Mac, but not for Windows PC. According to recent details from Abbey Games. The studio is still going strong with support. But removes the display of these platforms on Steam and GOG. Even though native builds will continue to be available.

Godhood, the deep management game where players create and run their own religion. Which is now raising itself to a higher plane of existence. Which now gets a full release. This comes after 12 months of hatching in Early Access. Abbey Games has worked hard to fulfill its promise to release their unique strategy game. Along with a host of new content, features, and mechanics.

While the launch of Godhood into Steam Early Access in the summer of 2019 was favorable. Abbey Games saw plenty of opportunities to clarify its vision. Adding further depth and improving the game. In the course of a year, the team released seven massive free updates. Listening closely to the community. Allowing Godhood to come into its own as a complex but subtle god game. One where the player doesn’t actively interact with their worshippers. Such as throwing lightning bolts or moving mountains. But indirectly through their dreams, their practices, their shrines, and their beliefs. But some of those dreams may mean that support ends for Linux and Mac support.

Linux Support going plan:

In coordination with GOG we decided to remove Linux and Mac support as advertised on the store page. However the installers for those platforms will still be available. And will even see updates with new versions of the game.

Our studio Abbey Games has always worked with some version of our own tech. Godhood development uses AbbeyCore, an engine that we built from the ground up for many reasons. Among others, to support cross-platform development and offer native support for Linux and Mac. This was possible because part of our studio had the deep expertise required for this. As you may have read in this post, we had to downsize following the mixed reception of Godhood‘s initial version. The game grew a lot in the 12 months fortunately.

We now no longer have the in-house talent to guarantee a working Linux and Mac version for every customer. Specifically this means that some Mac users might never get their driver issues fixed. Linux users might not see continued support for OS updates or existing dependency issues. While we haven’t diminished the existing support for these platforms in the past months. And are still updating binaries. We just want to be as frank as possible about the situation to avoid misleading customers.

Just to be clear, mostly every Mac and Linux user who owns the game. Will still be able to play it. However if you experience any driver related issues. We cannot guarantee support. And we suggest to opt for a refund.

Godhood – 1.0 Launch Trailer

If you want to see the full explanation. This is available on GOG for all to view. Which is both disappointing and yet slightly positive. Since we will still have support for a while. It’s also important to note how game reviews and revenue impact studio production. As distro’s change and issues arrise, this means Linux support ends?

Players can become an enterprising deity, who can:

  • Create and shape their own religion from scratch. Choosing from over 50 Tenets and 25 Traditions for their worshippers to follow.
  • Select overarching Commandments which guide a religion’s focus and playstyle. From the sect like options offered by Madness. Up to Greed or the heartwarming and kind Generosity.
  • Recruit a variety of Disciples in Godhood. Then send them on ritual combat – the Sacraments. Against “heretical” opponents. Players can boost their heroes’ power in various tactical ways. Simply by visiting them in their dreams beforehand.
  • Build temples and cities, and make sure their followers are happy. As their Disciples grow strong. Regardless if they are cannibals, cat worshippers, or lost in thought philosophers.
  • Explore a vast new campaign. With each run offering between 3 and 9 hours of playtime. The replayable campaign features multiple islands with themed opponents. Which have to be converted on the player’s path to greatness.

New and returning Godhood players will find the following series of changes waiting for them. Since the game gets a full release, you can find it discounted 20% on both Steam and GOG. Dropping the price from $26.99 USD to $21.59 USD. With unlisted support for Linux and Mac, still. As well as Windows PC.

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