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Godly Corp omnipotent intern simulator releases

godly corp omnipotent intern simulator releases on linux mac windows

Godly Corp releases, where you play as an omnipotent intern in this simulator for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. TR8 Torus Studios has prepares, among other things, intense tentacle-based gameplay. While you complete unpredictable tasks and a large portion of absurd humor. The game debuts on the Steam today.

This unusual simulator is the first game of the Polish studio, TR8 Torus Studios, created by Mariusz Świątczak.

In Godly Corp, the player takes on the role of an omnipotent intern in an intergalactic corporation managing the universe. The gameplay is also a humorous approach and with surprising solutions. Since this includes controlling the mechanics of operating the movement of the tentacles.

“The game allows the player to fulfill his or her most secretive dreams about power on a cosmic scale. And while starting a career in an intergalactic corporation that pulls all the strings in our universe. Seemingly, it is a normal large company but there are much higher stakes in the game. So it’s not just about the scoreboard of some corporation. But the fate of individual planets under our management. Everything is in our hands – or rather tentacles” says the creator of Godly Corp, Mariusz Świątczak.

So now on to the the details. The game takes an average of 3-4 hours to complete the campaign mode. As the creator points out, you can also improve your results and thanks to that, climb higher in the global scoreboard. After the premiere, an endless mode will also be added, which will provide additional fun.

Godly Corp Trailer releases for Linux, Mac, Windows

Features of Godly Corp:

  • tentacles;
  • absurd ;
  • heavily diversified levels;
  • surprising obligations and challenges;
  • crazy multitasking;
  • scoreboards with the best results.

“Each day in Godly Corp is a brand new and surprising challenge, requiring a quick response. Sometimes robots with chainsaws attack us, while at another time we need to face thieves – these, of course, are only examples, because many more challenges are awaiting players. Randomness is also of considerable importance, which extends the life of Godly Corp” – indicates Mariusz Świątczak.

Godly Corp omnipotent intern simulator releases on the Steam today, priced at $7.99 USD. And available for Linux, Mac and Windows with a 15% discount until December 20th.

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