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Gods of the Twilight to unleash its powers

gods of the twilight episodic cyberpunk visual novel game is coming to linux mac windows pc

Gods of the Twilight episodic cyberpunk visual novel game is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Kudos to the brilliant team at Volutian Design for their creativity. Due to make its way onto Steam Early Access this fall.

Imagine a world where the magic of ancient Norse legends clashes with high-tech wonders and futuristic settings. This is the backdrop for Gods of the Twilight, an episodic cyberpunk visual novel set in an era where the world is on the brink of Ragnarök. Since this is an apocalypse that’s about to change everything.

The Gods of the Twilight setting? A colossal city-ship called New Reykjavík. This isn’t just any city; it’s a mammoth vessel traveling through a world also scarred by tech overreach and environmental collapse. Within this colossal vessel, you’ll get to know Althea and Farkas. These two are not your ordinary city dwellers; they’re reborn gods. They also have a lot on their plate: from avoiding tech-savvy cult followers to diving deep into mysteries that have roots in ages past.

Now, here’s where Gods of the Twilight gets good. Your choices will mold the journey of these two heroes. The end of their world is inevitable, but how it plays out? Well, that’s where you step in. Since every interaction, be it with influential figures or old friends from their younger days, will ripple through the story. All due to create a web of outcomes.

Gods of the Twilight Announcement Trailer

Don’t expect a linear path with clear divides. The Gods of the Twilight story weaves around based on your decisions. The choices are interconnected, each one building upon the previous. Due to make for a story that’s tailored to your preferences.

Voice plays a huge role in bringing this saga to life. When characters speak, their words are not just displayed on screen; they’re spoken out loud, bringing an added layer of depth. The cast lending their voices to these Gods of the Twilight roles are top notch. You might recognize some from popular titles like Baldur’s Gate 3 and Genshin Impact.

Relationships are at the core of Gods of the Twilight. From budding romances to testing rivalries, your choices can craft bonds or break them. And these relationships are not all cut and dry. Characters can connect in multiple ways, from friendships to more intimate bonds. This also includes the central figures, Althea and Farkas.

For those eager to dive in, the initial chapters will be accessible on Steam Early Access. Due to receiving a day one release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, come November 14th, 2023. And if you’re curious and want a sneak peek of this episodic cyberpunk visual novel. There’s a Linux game demo waiting for you to check out on Steam and itch.

So, gear up for an epic dive into the Gods of the Twilight world where the old meets the new. Where legends meet the future, and where your choices determine the fate of gods. Due to be in Early Access until all chapters in Season 1 have been released, which will likely be in 2025. With plans to to treat Gods of the Twilight Season 2 as a separate, sequel game.

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