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GOG Black Friday Finale with new Linux games

gog black friday sale finale linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017

Since the real Black Friday sales are still going on. finale is boasting some nice deals across Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. What does that mean?

Adding new games to the sale!

So GOG are boosting the number of discounted games to more than 500. The new additions include such great offers like: The Signal From Tölva (-66%), Tacoma (-40%), Everspace (-40%), RUINER (-33%), Dead Cells (-25%), Sudden Strike 4 (-25%), West of Loathing (-10%), Divinity Original Sin 2 (-10%), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game of the Year (-60%) Edition and many many more!

Spellforce 3 Preview is free this weekend

Together with THQ Nordic this is a chance to check out the upcoming continuation. Also, the legendary RTS & RPG mix on Windows might be a challenge to run in Wine. Personally I have not tried it yet, but do have the Free download.
So, in this preview players can enjoy PvP in 1on1, 2on2 or 3on3. Play a single player skirmish against the AI on 4 different maps. The free preview will last till November 27 at 11PM UTC. Which is totally DRM-free if you know what I mean.

So very purchase you make during the Black Friday sale. This will get you closer to unlocking StarCrawlers for FREE. All you have to do is spend $15 USD. StarCrawlers is one of 2017’s best hidden gems. Think Legend of Grimrock in space. Sort of a cyberpunk meets Firefly. Also ruthless corporations competing for power. And your morally questionable services in the midst of it all.

GOG Galaxy Cloud Save support: New games added

The Universal Cloud Saves support was implemented to a whole bunch of classic games. Also plenty of which get this feature exclusively in the GOG version. Such as Deus Ex GOTY, Iceland Dale 2, Homeworld Emergence, Syndicate Plus, The Settlers 2 Gold Edition and Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault. This applies to Linux or Ubuntu if you run the Lutris install of Galaxy.
For those who don’t know what Universal Cloud Saves are. The feature allows you to store your saved games safely in the cloud. While synchronizing them with different devices. Which works not only to new games, but also to titles that never offered cloud saves before.

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