Linux Gaming News 1 (Good Old Games): No Linux For You!


Last month the Escapist mentioned that would be coming to new, mystery operating system. Most of us assumed it would be MAC but Linux was not ruled out. Well, employee TheEnigmaticT curb-stomped that dream.


From the wishlist:
“We’ve seen a lot more of you guys voting on this wish recently and I thought it was only fair for me to update you. Linux is a great platform, and we love how much passion you guys are showing for it here on our wishlist. We definitely know that it’s one of the top things our community wants from us, but it’s also really difficult to bring the level of support and ease-of-use to the wide variety of distros that are commonly used by Linux users. If we’re able to bring games to Linux–and we’re constantly evaluating ways that we can do this–we want to make sure that we’re doing it the way: simple, easy, and it “just works.” I’m not telling you guys to give up hope–we know how much you want this–but what I am saying is that this is harder to support than it might seem initially, and we’re not ready to move to support Linux officially just yet.” 

via wishlist

Original post: LinuxGameCast

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