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So this weekend GOG is having the greatest stories Sale for Linux Mac and Windows. Hence a host of games on sale that boast some of the best stories.

This is a story about the greatest storytellers in gaming. Also the ladies and gents who’ve taken us along on epics, odysseys, and short stories. Which also includes both humorous and abstract.

This weekend GOG highlights shining examples of mastery, innovation and timelessness. While featuring up to 85% off on The digital game store where every game has a story to tell. Since this is a statement to video games’ power and range as a storytelling medium.

The Greatest Stories Sale (Linux, Mac, Windows):

  • The great precursors – Forgotten Realms Archives (-80%)
  • The classic epics – like Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition I & II (-75%) and Planescape: Torment (-25%)
  • The puzzling quests – the Broken Sword saga (-80%)
  • The modern classics – The Witcher 3 GOTY (-60%), Tyranny (-66%)
  • And the bold, innovative ones like Oxenfree (-75%), Darkest Dungeon (-60%)

There are updated editions of loads of games on offer too. So be sure to check what each package offers. It’s not just games on sale, soundtracks and expansion packs also feature a discounted rate. Since we have a couple listing above, check out the available deals. Also, The Witcher 3 GOTY does not have Linux support, it’s just an epic deal.

So recently, two adventure game classics came to The Curse of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion can now be purchased. Also the latter is the only one with Linux support. However the store also offers several discounts. So be sure to check out more great gaming deals as they release.

Only in gaming can you really be a part of these unforgettable stories, and many more now up to 85% off in the Greatest Stories sale – until March 26, 10 PM UTC.

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