GOG.com Mutator Promo brings Big Sales and Mystery Games

Big sales and mystery #games on the #cheap – +GOG.com’s Mutator Promo starts with some excellent #sales and your chance to spin the wheel for potentially huge discounts on surprise games.

Cue the obligatory Forrest Gump “box of chocolates” reference…


GOG.com launch “Mutator Promo”, allow gamers to spin the wheel on up to 3 mystery “mutator” games with each highly-discounted 3-game purchase. 

Their Mutator Promo allows gamers to take their chances and pick up three mystery “mutators”, each one for $2. To take part in the sale gamers need to pick 3 games from the promo lineup discounted up to 85% including Theme Hospital for $1.49, Cannon Fodder for $1.19, Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail! for $1.49, Outlast for $4.99, Broken Age for $12.49, Long Live the Queen for $1.99. This, in turn, gives them access to 3 “mutator” games – mystery titles that will be revealed after checkout. The $2 mutator could be anything from a $5 game to a $45 one!

The lineup of both regular games and mutators will change completely after the first 48 hours. The Mutator Promo will last for the next 6 days with an entirely new lineup of both regular games and mutators introduced after the first 48 hours.


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