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GOG Galaxy not coming to Linux anytime soon

GOG Galaxy not coming to Linux anytime soon in gaming news

So the big gaming news right seems to be around GOG Galaxy. Hence the software #client from #gaming store GOG, with an expectation that the software will give the #Steam app a run for the money. Well, the application finally launching out of beta. While players will have the opportunity to download and use GOG Galaxy. Using the client to install and manage the games they bought via GOG since 2014. Hence this update takes the service up to a full-release, with features players will certainly use. The biggest and probably the best feature, universal cloud saves. But not only that, GOG has went on to improve the overall user experience by introducing a bunch of requested additions. So version 1.2 is rolling out to those who opt into beta testing.

So now in GOG Galaxy’s latest update, players can save their games to the cloud for any game in library. For Steam users, this feature is not exactly ground breaking gaming news. However for those who love their DRM-free games, the feature enables you to play a game on your laptop or another PC, continuing from where you left off. So the universal cloud saves, players can use this feature with games that were not intent to work with the feature.

“Thanks to [universal cloud saves], excellent games like Planescape: Torment, Heroes of Might & Magic III, or Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines gain the benefits of saves syncing and cloud backup for the first time ever,” reads a GOG blog (a glog?). “Of course, if you prefer to keep your precious saves close at hand, GOG Galaxy also lets you download a backup of your saves data at any time and use it as you see fit.”

So what does all of this have to do with Linux. Well any good news of this nature usually spawns a heap of questions. Namely, where is the Linux version of GOG Galaxy. And the short answer, no idea. Seriously.

GOG Galaxy for Linux current status:

“Hi Todd,

Answering your question regarding Linux GOG Galaxy client, unfortunately we don’t have any timeline for it. Only thing we can assure you is we haven’t abandoned the project.”

So as you might have guessed, no good news. Despite the eager post on Reddit stating the likelihood of a native Linux release. The answer to that is, not anytime soon. At least that’s what we get from the GOG reply. And yes, this came directly from the GOG team. Kind of like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and native support, well maybe not THAT bad.

So going on to review some of the other features of GOG Galaxy, now including a hibernate mode. Hence limiting the CPU impact of GOG Galaxy during gameplay. Since this is a significant for those running their laptop on battery power. GOG Galaxy can now also limit bandwidth, gauge your FPS, take screenshots, provide in-game controls with an overlay, and explain the rarity of achievements. GOG also has an updated chat system.

Since you can customize GOG Galaxy by turning off features you don’t want or use. This enables players to customize the client, so if all you want is a Witcher III launcher, voila. Needless to say, we are interested to see if Lutris 0.5 is going to replace GOG Galaxy. Hence the latest statement from the developer Mathieu Comandon.

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