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Going Medieval colony survival sim incoming

going medieval colony survival sim incoming on linux and windows pc with a Beta signup

Going Medieval colony survival sim incoming on Windows PC and Linux with a Beta signup. Thanks to developer Foxy Voxel. The game is just announced for a Steam Early Access release.

Developer Foxy Voxel and publisher The Irregular Corporation are going to be releasing a Beta. Going Medieval arrives on Steam and due to debut on Steam Early Access this year. Hailing as a management and strategy game. Taking root at the heart of the most risky periods in medieval history.

In fact, in the year 1346, the black plague destroys towns and villages. While leaving nothing in its path. To stem the epidemic, the exodus of people, rebuilding, and fortresses. And certainly, military defense being the only possible options. Since rebuilding a kingdom in a Europe that is wiped out. Therefore, you will face the black plague and religious wars. Which is certainly no small task.

Going Medieval | Announcement Trailer

Aspiring medievalists can sign up for the beta. Which is expecting to start later this year on Windows PC. But there is also a native build coming for Linux near the games full release. Which is expecting to last roughly a year in Early Access.
But there is also good news. The games being developed in Unity 3D. And should allow for Proton to work too.

Are there plans for Linux support?

At one point, before the full release of the game, yes.

Going Medieval takes players into 1346. Since this is at a time when Europe is trying to recover from the tragic black plague. As a result, survivors drift far from the curse. While some colonies are reforming to settle in wild and natural areas. Life is dicey, however, because this era is unhealthy. And knows no borders or law. So that players have to develop their colonies and guide their villagers. Protecting them from outlaws, barbarians or out of hand religious fanatics.

Plan, create and build your Going Medieval colony using a variety of materials. Such as clay, wood or stone. Protecting your villagers from the various evils. Including hunger, enemies or bad weather. Arm yourself and defend your village against rival factions. While building dense fortresses on several floors. Placing archers and traps strategically. Monitor and help your villagers to stay sane and happy. Because happy villagers are productive villagers, after all.

The solo gameplay of Going Medieval invites you to discover. Playing in one of the darkest and most dangerous periods in the history of mankind. Avoid dangers or perish like so many others before you. With almost endless replay options. No game is the same.

Add Going Medieval colony survival sim to your Wishlist on Steam. Follow the game on Twitter @going_medieval and join their Discord server.

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