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Going Viral is the latest DLC for Tropico 6

going viral game dlc launches for tropico 6 on linux mac windows pc

Going Viral game DLC launches for Tropico 6 on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Big thanks to the brilliant team at Realmforge Studios. Available now on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Welcome to the captivating world of Tropico 6 and the latest game expansion, Going Viral. With a title as catchy as that, you can already guess the theme. Yes, you’re on point; it’s about the challenges a leader (El Presidente, to be precise) faces during a health crisis.

Linux players are at the helm of an island nation, Tropico, and out of the blue, your citizens are faced with not just one, but four different diseases. Some of these diseases can be severe, while others might just result in a mild sneeze or cough. That’s the central challenge.

Now, as El Presidente, you’re in charge. And with Going Viral great power comes great responsibility. So you have to decide how to respond to these diseases. One of the intriguing additions to this expansion is the “Panic” mechanic. It’s a gauge that lets you know how your citizens are feeling about these health threats. High panic levels mean they’re really worried, and this gives you the chance to launch some big decisions, called edicts.

Here’s the dilemma in Going Viral: Do you use the panic to enact powerful edicts, maybe to solidify your position or for the greater good? Or do you try to calm everyone down, even though there might be a big threat lurking? This decision making process will truly test your leadership abilities.

Tropico 6 – Going Viral | Release Trailer

Dive Deeper with Exciting Features:

  • Mission Campaigns & Multiplayer Map: Engage in a thrilling campaign that spans across four missions. Or challenge your friends and other Linux players in the new Going Viral multiplayer setting.
  • Edicts: Remember the panic meter we talked about? As it rises, you get to unlock up to 16 new edicts. These are powerful commands you can use. For example, you could decide to make everyone wear masks, or perhaps you feel like throwing a palace party – because why not?
  • Infrastructure: With diseases spreading, you need the tools to manage the situation. Going Viral brings in nine fresh buildings to help you out. The Colossal Hospital, for instance, can house more patients, and with the Healing Howitzer, you can distribute the cure faster. You can also place Medical Checkpoints to detect any infected people.
  • Ambrosius’ Magic Hut: During your campaign, there’s a quirky character who’ll assist you. This character operates from Ambrosius’ Magic Hut and brings a hint of mystery to your disease management strategies.
  • Design Additions: The style hasn’t been overlooked in Going Viral. El Presidente gets a new look with the Plague Mask Accessory. There are other visual options for the palace, like Medical Fencing. Due to ensure you’re not just managing properly but also doing it with a flair.

Real World situations:

Going Viral truly captures the essence of leadership during tough times. With new mechanics, design options, and a gripping story line. Since it’s more than just an expansion; it launch you into a lesson in crisis management. The health crisis theme resonates with real world situations, making it not only engaging but also relevant.

The new Going Viral game DLC offers an engaging experience. The addition of exciting missions, innovative buildings, and fresh maps enhances the gameplay. As a result, this DLC provides more ways to interact with and aid the in game population. While making it worth the investment.

As you immerse yourself in this world, remember to strategize, and be compassionate. Always have an exit plan because in Tropico 6 its now Going Viral, every decision you make will have outcomes. Dive into the DLC and lead your nation to hope or peril; the choice is yours. Available on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Launching on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Priced at $14.99 USD / £12.99 / 14,99€.

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