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GOKEN RPG coming to Linux – no release date

goken rpg coming to linux - no release date games on steam for windows

Since GOKEN is designed to bring back everything that was right about gaming. While set in an open world environment in the form of the good old Action RPG on Windows via Steam. Yet the games that’s bring back old school gamers into some nostalgia, will be coming to Linux.

So we reached out to developer GIANTY and they this to say about Linux:

Hello Todd!

A Linux port of GOKEN has seem to be garnering a lot of attention since release. And while initially we weren’t so sure about splitting resources for a Linux version. It is now being brought up on several levels in the company.

While I can not make any promises. I can definitely say that what was once a small blimp in our radar is now something we feel the need to deal about.

GOKEN is indeed developed on “Unity” which makes for a port sound all the more possible.

Again I don’t mean to pump false hope nor can I provide you with any dates or specifics. So forgive us for being unclear on your

So clearly, there is no set release date for the Linux build of GOKEN. Yet this does prove that a with enough support, Linux gamers can influence a port. Even though the game engine of choice is Unity. Which we all knows supports the majority of native games on Steam.

GOKEN Features:

  • Seamless open-world game mechanics
    While the game features a rather old school “quarter view” mechanic, the map transitions and event scenes, even the combat is all seamless as can be to enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Real time strategic action battle system
    Utilizing 2 primary attack buttons, users can assign different weapons to each button to create a unique combo that fits the users need as they go. Monsters, bosses and stage gimmicks can require a specific type of weapon at times creating opportunities for users to strategize their best route of approach.
  • Customizable Tattoo system
    Utilizing “tattoos”, users are given specific points upon leveling to get the protagonist inked as a form of powering up so it could be built to one’s own. Raising MAX HP and Stamina, learning new and special moves are just a few of many ways players are able to customize their character depending on their play style.

So the GOKEN release date has not be set for Linux. Yet the games available now on Steam Early Access for Windows.