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GOKEN RPG gets first major update on Steam

goken rpg gets first major update to linux mac windows via steam games

GIANTY Inc. is announcing their Steam based ARPG GOKEN’s first large update. Since this also means changes across Linux, Mac and Windows.

So the action RPG genre defined adventure and represents the childhood of many gamers. Since the RPG games revived, redefined, from Japan, on Steam. GOKEN brings back everything that was right about gaming. All in this new action packed open world environment. While the old school gamers tremble in nostalgia.

Since the Early Access release, developer GIANTY is working closely with the community. While improving their first Steam JRPG. Now with its first major update. So there are a few new features and additional content.

GOKEN Update Ver. 1.2.0 Features:

  • – Wiz Points-
    A new customization option “Wiz Points” are now part of players hero customization. Find the Tat Wiz somewhere in the world to receive “Wiz Points.” The cooler your tattoo is, the more points players will receive!
  • – Quests
    Aside from the main story, GOKEN now has “Quests”. These are playable as side missions with an all new interface. So players can complete quests to receive items that will aid their journey and looting!
  • – Additional Story-
    A few extra episodes are no part of the main story. These stories contain some new dungeons and very powerful bosses. Even players who have already beaten the game are sure to face a challenge.
  • – Cloud Saving-
    Cloud saving is available for players who plan on playing cross different platforms. Players should “save” in-game prior to using this feature. Since the games save file itself needs to be updated.
  • – Game Balance-
    The enemies have been almost entirely revamped to better fit the new environment of GOKEN. Due to the players extreme buff through the new Wiz Point system. GOKEN is now expected to feel a lot more challenging as it is fun.

Therefore GOKEN is available now via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this major update brings a host of new content into the mix.

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