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Gold Project new metroidvania out on Kickstarter

gold project new metroidvania out on kickstarter for linux mac windows pc

Gold Project new metroidvania game is out on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the creativity and work of developer Dreamirl. The relatively new crowdfunding campaign is currently under way.

Dreamirl is eager to share details of their Kickstarter campaign to fund Gold Project. Which is a new karma-based Metroidvania game. Actually, it’s a dark fantasy 2D Metroidvania game in pixel art style. Which lets you choose between Light and Corruption symbolized by gold. This duality also impacts your progress, whether through new paths or new skills.

The game is due to the many talents of Camille Unknown and his unique vision of pixel art. Then enhanced by the presence of Xavier Dang (aka MisterMV) and Laurent Lozano (Sarys) for a dark and epic soundtrack. Which aims to make the Gold project game a success. Currently, the campaign is 20% funded of their €125,000 ($134,833 USD) funding goal, ending on May 19, 2022.

In Gold Project you will be facing the golden shadows, minions of the god of Avarice. Doin so with a wide range of attacks and abilities. Choosing how you want to defeat your opponents. You can direct your character towards Light or Corruption: be exclusive to the point of becoming extremely powerful. Or change your allegiance in order to benefit from both types of gameplay.

Gold Project Kickstarter Trailer

Progress in the city of gold in a non-linear way and unlock new abilities. Alternate between platforming and combat in each unique area’s with a multitude of epic bosses to fight against. The Gold Project player will be exploring in a fast and nervous manner. Earning the mastery of space as combos of jumps, dashes, and other abilities that make the game a fun ride.

Play as Kali, a fighter who once suffered the malice of a god and lost everything. Choose between serving as an instrument of light, or opting for the power of gold while satisfying her quest for revenge.

The developers’ Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will help them to cover the costs related to the production and development of Gold Project. Due to release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in December 2023. Also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.