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Golden Century release – Europa Universalis IV

Golden Century release date for Europa Universalis IV on linux mac windows

Golden Century is the new Immersion Pack for Europa Universalis IV, due to release on Linux, Mac and Windows. We also have the release date for the incoming content. Coming to both Steam and the Paradox Store.

From the completion of the Reconquista to the defeat of the Spanish Armada. The Iberian Peninsula was the center of gravity for Europe. Also where Spanish and Portuguese explorers and conquerors build rich overseas empires. While English privateers prey on the gold shipping through the Caribbean. And the Catholic Church rules hand-in-hand with great monarchs like Isabel of Castile. And also the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century Announcement Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Features of Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century include:

  • Minority Expulsion: Settle your distant colonies with homeland minorities, promoting greater cohesion at home, while adding more diversity to your subject nations.
  • Establish Orders: Iberian nations can appoint Jesuit, Franciscan or Dominican clerics to govern their states to reduce unrest or ease conversion.
  • New Mission Trees: New missions and objectives for the nations of Iberia and Northwest Africa, including Spain and Andalusia.
  • Pirate Republics: Play as or combat against pirate nations in dangerous sea zones, with their own flavor and game style.
  • Flagships: Appoint a Flagship to lead your navy, adding combat and trade power to your fleets.
  • Naval Barrage: Use your ships to help besiege coastal forts by bombarding the walls.

Also, Golden Century will ship with a major free update that includes an extensive reworking of the game maps of Iberia, Northwest Africa and Mexico.

Golden Century is the newest Immersion Pack for Europa Universalis IV. Also taking you back to that age of adventure and ambition. This add-on to Paradox Development Studio’s classic game of empires and trade takes inspiration from the Golden Age of exploration and piracy.

So due note, Golden Century will be available on Linux, Mac and Windows on December 11th. Priced at $9.99 / £7,19 / €9,99 on on Steam and the Paradox Store.

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