Golden Pickaxe Event releases for Dungeons 3

golden pickaxe event releases for dungeons 3 in linux mac windows pc games

Golden Pickaxe Event is coming Dungeons 3 in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to Kalypso Media and developers Kalypso Media and developers Realmforge Studios . Plus the base game and DLC’s are on sale via Steam right now. So this is further inspiration. Since the game still holds a 94% Very Positive review score.

Realmforge Studios are strategy gaming specialists. Who are announcing a special in-game event. All coming to their fan favorite strategy game Dungeons 3.
Beginning now and running indefinitely. The Golden Pickaxe Event introduces a new treasure hunting challenge. Another free addition to the dungeon management sim. This also available now on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And also on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dungeons 3 Golden Pickaxe Event Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So in the Golden Pickaxe Event. The world of Dungeons 3 will change. Since the games now populated with mysterious golden pickaxes. With one appearing in a mission from each DLC. Along with the main game of course.
Naturally, it’s down to the players to gather them. With a selection of in-game goodies. All waiting to be unlocked. Also an extra reward awaiting anyone that can locate all pickaxe’s. Available in every piece of Dungeons 3 DLC. Rumor has it that this final reward has a further connection. A faraway world…but what could it be?

Along with the Golden Pickaxe Event. There is currently a Dungeons 3 franchise sale on Steam. Also a seasonal Easter in-game event on all platforms. Both of which will run until April 22nd. So players’ dungeons will have an array of cosmetic decorations. Most of the DLC’s are 50% off on Steam.

Dungeons 3 is still the biggest, best game in the series. So the golden pickaxe event enhances that vibe. Since this still has all the humor. And also the strategic depth of classic dungeon management sims. Coming to a new modern audience with an extensive singleplayer campaign. As well as two player co-op mode. And a fully re-worked overworld RTS mode.

Previous DLCs include Clash of GodsLord of the KingsEvil of the CaribbeanOnce Upon a Time and An Unexpected DLC. But the Golden Pickaxe Event is Free. So if there any DLC’s you do not own. Now is the time to grab a deal.

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