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Golden Treasure: The Great Green Demo is Live

golden treasure the great green demo is live in linux mac windows pc games

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a new role playing games coming for Mac, Windows PC and Linux? Thanks to developer Dreaming Door Studios. The games already live on Steam. But we have a Linux Demo now.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is an interactive hand painted role playing (RPG) experience. Which is available on Steam. Supporting both Mac and Windows PC players.

Dreaming Door also gives players the chance to “try before buying”. So you can take a look at the game. And now we have an extensive Linux demo. Check it out on

If the Golden Treasure: The Great Green demo works across different distro’s. By all means make sure to comment on Itch. Let the developers know.
So they can followup with a Linux version on Steam.
Since Dreaming Door. “could have a Linux version of 1.0 ready to go within a week or so.”

Golden Treasure: The Great Green – Gameplay Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is a unique game. Since gameplay provides players with a fascinating open world narrative. A unique journey where, rather than hunt dragons. Players become dragons. The sentient creatures that rule over Ancient Earth.
Starting within the confines of an egg. So the players character must survive. Working through the tender and dangerous years of childhood. While forging a path to maturity in a Bronze Age. Exploring a world filled with action, secrets and mysteries.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green features a rich and beautiful hand painted world. Packed with deep systems players have come to expect. There are thousands of choices to make. A vibrant open world to explore, loot to collect, battles to fight. And also skills to master to increase the chances of survival. It’s not simply a game: it’s a whole new life to live.

It is now time for you to spread your wings and embrace the wind. Your journey from before beginning to dragon maturity will be an adventure unlike any yet seen. A story unique among all told. This is a rather impressive story. Hoping you will find the journey inspiring, exciting and meaningful.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green is available on Steam. Both for Mac and Windows PC. But not Linux. But there is a native Demo available on And the developers are eager to get community feedback.

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