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Goner Kickstarter awarded an extra week

goner kickstarter awarded an extra week of funding for linux and windows pc

Goner Kickstarter awarded an extra week for further funding on Linux and Windows PC. Due to the efforts of developer Loco Players and community support. The crowdfudning campaign is certainly past its funding goal.

The Goner Kickstarter is funded at the time of writing. Which hit the funding goal at the begining of August. And due to the continuing success of the campaign. The developers awarded with an extra week to end our Kickstarter campaign. And hopefully increase the amount pledged to fund Goner. Which has already surpassed 108% of its goal.

This is a thrilling dinosaur themed survival horror game. That also has roughly a week to finish funding for the Goner Kickstarter. The next stretch goals will cover the inclusion of more dinosaurs. Along with a biome and mod support. Personally that mod support stretch goal should be at a lower tier. Since this is a feature that can help extend gameplay even further.

Goner Kickstarter Trailer

In Goner you will embark on a journey of primal terror. The game stars Anthony Sunder. Who is a son looking for his missing mother and her expedition crew. Likewise, his search will lead him to the location of a ghost island. That is populated with hostile members of a lost civilization. Not to mention dinasours you thought extinct. The Goner Kickstarter also means some funky good features.


  • Self manage your hunger, thirst, fatigue, temperature and health.
  • Hunt, collect, cook, drink, rest or craft.
  • Save your progress using a specific consumable in a safe room.
  • Limited inventory capacity.
  • Day and night cycles with sun and moon phases + weather system.
  • Complex AI and behaviors.
  • Cloak your smell with mud or water.
  • Two Game Modes: Survival and Story.
  • Custom your look and defenses with self made armor or clothe. As well as building and setting traps.
  • The island will be fill with natural dangers such as toxic gases, poisonous flora and fauna, lava or quicksand.

The developer’s Goner Kickstarter funding campaign is awarded an extra week. Helping it cover costs of production and development. Funds are certainlye critical to improving core features. Such as with animations, models and textures. While also ensuring a port for Linux as well as Windows PC. Coming to Steam, GOG and Epic Games Store.

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