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GoNNER 2D platformer getting attention

GoNNER 2D platformer getting attention linux mac pc

GoNNER is a tough as hell procedurally generated 2D platformer with roguelike elements available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Gameplay follows the largely misunderstood and altruistic Ikk on a journey to cheer up his only friend in this world—a giant landbound whale named Sally—by searching for just the right trinket in the deep and dark places nearby. With Death as his mentor, supplying both a multitude of abilities and arsenal for Ikk to use, Ikk traverses an ever-changing land full of unwieldy creatures who don’t appreciate his trespassing or his friend Sally. Several different environments, arduous bosses, hidden secrets, multiple endings, and more await Ikk on his journey to make one person happy even if it kills him—which it certainly will.

GoNNER features:

  • UNLOCKS! You’ll be able to choose from a variety of passive and active abilities at the beginning of each run so be sure to experiment with all of them and find the play style that best suits you.
  • SECRETS! Secret areas exist in the world of GoNNER, and these areas will get you different items that you can then always use from the beginning of each run. We’re not going to tell you how you get to these areas or what the criteria is for even finding them because secrets, duh.
  • SOUNDS! It has them!
  • LEADERBOARDS! Kill creatures, get combos, score points, and brag to your friends how much better you are than them.
  • MUSIC! It’s really freaking good.

GoNNER released over a week ago for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which we have seen a few streamers playing on Twitch, let along the positive reviews on Steam. So if you have yet to challenge yourself with a solid platformer, it’s time.

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