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Good Company dynamic simulation support

good company dynamic simulation support in linux mac windows games

Good Company simulation management games releasing for Windows, but also looking at Linux and Mac support. Thanks to the development efforts of Chasing Carrots.
The games actually coming to Steam Early Access soon. So naturally we have to check out platform support.

Good Company is simulation management. Playable both in singleplayer and as multiplayer game. Since gameplay focuses on how to build and automate. As well as optimise your company’s manufacturing of machines and robots. All taking place in a colourful world with influence from the 80’s.

So start your Good Company with your own hands. Build your first products to make a profit. And also invest in the growth of your workforce. While hiring employees and scaling your business. Since building a solid base will pave your way to success. Which is why Linux support is so essential.

Linux Support:

“It’s nice to see that the Linux community is also keeping an eye on Good Company. And we would love to also bring the game to Linux. But our current focus is Windows first. Before we approach Linux and Mac.
So we can’t promise that the Beta or Early Access will be available for Linux from the start.

But when we are in the process to work towards the Linux version. It would be great to have some testers. Who are keen with the platform and support.”

Since Chasing Carrots will follow up with Linux details. The fact that the dev’s are looking at testers is a good sign.
Therefore as the development gets closer to the native release. I’m hoping we have a more public notice for Good Company. So Linux gamers can get involved directly. More on this after the games release.

While Good Company development uses Unity with C#. This should also allow Good Company to be playable via Proton. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to test and update this post.

Good Company Trailer 2019 (Windows, then Linux and Mac)

So in Good Company, with great wealth comes a great responsibility. Organise and automate your workflow. While allowing yourself the freedom to dream even bigger. Design way more complex products. All to please your markets. And take your business to the next level.
However, also remember to take your employees into account. Happy workers make better products. Although robots never sleep.

You can be the first to get Good Company through Steam Early Access, Q2 2019. There is no official release date yet. But the simulation games coming to Windows first. Followed by Linux and Mac support.

So for more information about Good Company. Check out the official website. Follow on Twitter, Discord and Facebook.

The details of Early Access to the beta version will be announced. Available on the Good Company Discord channel.

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