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Good Morning, A.I. educational sim coming in 2022

good morning, a.i. educational sim game coming in 2022 for linux mac windows pc

Good Morning, A.I. educational sim game coming in 2022 for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the creative efforts of developer Critique Gaming. Working to make its way onto Steam in the new year.

The announcement trailer for Good Morning, A.I. highlights the efforts of developer Critique Gaming. While gameplay mixes base building, tower defense, and a story driven educational sim. As you design an A.I. mayor.

With over 30 endings in the making, Critique Gaming is developing a game with high replayability. Where the future of Amsterdam (and maybe the world) lies in your hands. Fans of TTDs will feel right at home in the Good Morning, A.I. Quantum Security. Since base building takes a shocking puzzle turn away from the classic formula. While more story centered players will be able to explore the cracks of this 2064 society. Offering a mix of advanced social media and VR.

The trailer outlines the main cast of characters. All the way from classic cyberpunk VR streamers to classic university professors. And even megacorporation underlings. Players are charged with educating the A.I. Along with maintaining its quantum cybersecurity systems.

Good Morning, A.I. Announcement Trailer

Should climate change be averted at the expense of human comfort? Are human rights absolute? Is genetic engineering ethical? In Good Morning, A.I., the player will explore the limits of human and machine ethics. During academic sessions, the player will answer the A.I. ‘s questions. All while dealing with disputes that surely appear in their answers. Which comes in this creative fiction system based on logical untruths. Each time you play, this will allow players to explore different outcomes of Good Morning, A.I.. Along with the answers they give during academic sessions with the A.I. Both on the city, but above all, their own answers.

Outlining questions humanity will soon have to face. Critique Gaming’s new game also forces players to propose their own answers. Then Face their choices in future Amsterdam.

Good Morning, A.I. is due to release in the first half of 2022 on Steam. Offering support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game now. While you prepare yourself to face ethical choices.