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Goodbye Dr. Sanchez first person horror incoming

goodbye dr. sanchez first person co-op horror game coming to linux and windows pc

Goodbye Dr. Sanchez first person co-op horror game coming to Linux and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work and deliberation of developer Startreming. Due to launch its way onto Steam this fall.

The demo version of Goodbye Dr. Sanchez first person co-op horror is now live on Steam. Which will also be available for the Steam Fest from June 13th to 20th.
In Goodbye Dr. Sanchez you and your friend have been kidnapped by the maniacal Dr. Carlos Sanchez. A well-known professor and scientist, now inflicted by an irreversible condition that causes progressive degeneration.

Goodbye Dr. Sanchez is a rather unique game, and despite the Steam page, Linux is in the plan.

So, in short, you can totally expect that, once we are done with the main mechanics of the game and fixed the bugs that always bugs us, we have a Linux release on our roadmap. We can even have crossplay between the Windows and Linux releases, but as for now, we would prefer not to go wild with promises.

Thanks to a rather detailed email reply from developer Startreming, Linux is coming. The game creation is using Unity 3D, with Mirror Networking. In fact, the developer also made sure to include native Linux support in the roadmap from the start. But as stated, the main focus is on bugs and fixing the main mechanics. The crossplay option is just that, for now. But the Demo does run on Linux via Proton. Here, check out the trailer to get a better idea.

Goodbye Dr. Sanchez Announcement Trailer

So the main premise of Goodbye Dr. Sanchez is simple. One of person manages to escape the room in which you’ve been trapped. Now is wondering through the house. But the other remains imprisoned in a room with the necessary equipment to find the exit. Find it and escape together without Sanchez seeing you.

The Prisoner is in a room and cannot get out. But they do have the layout of the house thanks to the 5 screens at their disposal. By using that info, the Prisoner must talk to and communicate with the Fugitive. Due to come to his/her rescue and then plan an escape route from house. Which is sort of like Dead by Daylight with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, meets Slender.

In Goodbye Dr. Sanchez, the job of the Fugitive, while running through the house, is to look for keys to open doors. Avoid traps that you cannot see with your eyes. Since the Prisoner knows their locations. You must also avoid Sanchez, who’s going around the house, looking for you. If he sees you, he’ll place the Helmet of Motivation upon your head. It has various arms with attached drills that slowly creep to burrow into the Fugitive’s head.

The final version of Goodbye Dr. Sanchez will be released on Steam, on October 4th, 2022. The first person co-op horror will be available on both Linux and Windows PC.

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