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Gore Doctor an extreme horror with a port

gore doctor immersive horror game due to emerge onto linux mac and windows pc

Gore Doctor immersive horror game due to emerge onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Discover the wild creativity and incredible vision of the masterminds at Salient Games. Working to evolve it’s way onto Steam.

Gore Doctor is this new adventure going to make your heart race and your palms sweat. Picture this: you’re suddenly stuck in an institute that was once a place where a doctor, crushed by sadness, tried to cure his wife, Scarlett, from a serious sickness. But despite all his efforts, Scarlett couldn’t beat the illness and passed away. This sent the doctor spiraling down a dark hole of craziness, making him believe that the end was the only peace.

Now, Gore Doctor puts you right there in the middle of this institute. As you step into the dimly lit hallways, each footstep takes you deeper into a world that’s twisted and just plain horrifying. You can feel the fear in the air and every sound. Such as the creak of a floorboard or a distant groan.

Gore Doctor – Horror Title Reveal Trailer

Surviving in this place is one thing, but to really figure out the horror of this place, you need to learn about the deep, dark secrets that are lurking around. By finding diary pages, papers scattered all over, and hidden artifacts, you’ll start to piece together the story of how the doctor lost his mind and the shocking details of his actions. You’ll uncover some truths that’ll make you question what’s right or wrong and will make you wonder if the doctor was a savior or monster?

Gore Doctor is not for the faint of heart. It’s all about horror and gore, meant to scare you and leave you wondering what you just experienced. Get ready for a ride that’s going to test your nerves and bring out your deepest fears. Only the bravest will come out of the building with their heads held high. But remember, surviving might come at a cost that’s more than what you bargained for.

So, if you think you’ve got the guts, step into the eerie world of Gore Doctor. Just remember, once you’re in, there might not be a way out!

Salient Games is the brain behind Gore Doctor and you’ll soon find it on Steam. Due to release its immersive horror onto Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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