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The Gorge starts soon in Don’t Starve Together

the gorge starts soon in don't starve together on Linux mac windows

Don’t Starve Together has a new event coming called The Gorge on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Where players can take part in a 3-player co-op challenge.

After barely escaping through the Molten Gateway. Our survivors plummet headfirst into the ruins of a sickly city. Which is also ruled by a ravenous beast. So you have to work together to cook fine dishes. And also placate the Eternal Gnaw’s hunger to avoid the curse of its terrible plague. Cook well enough, and you may even get to go home.

Sounds simple right, well knowing Klei Entertainment, it’s likely not. Check out the trailer below.

Don’t Starve Together Event | The Gorge (Linux, Mac, Windows)

But The Gorge is a free limited time 3-player co-op challenge with tons of new skins, emotes, items and more. Your goal is to cook and offer food on the Altar of Gnaw, but you’ll need all the cooks in the kitchen to keep it fed, so work together to survive!

The Gorge begins June 14th and ends July 9th. Which will also available via Steam. So if you do not own Don’t Starve Together, now would be the time to pick it up. And ideally learning how to play. Because the first time will be a learning curve.

Don’t Starve Together is the standalone multiplayer expansion for the survival game, Don’t Starve. Now Including, A New Reign: Part 1, the first episode of a series of updates. Built for multiplayer The New Reign explores the world of Don’t Starve now that Charlie has taken over.

Since Early Access ended, there is a lot more added to the gameplay. And this new event should be quite fun. It’s Klei Entertainment, who always seem to create immersive games.

Beta starts early next week, so keep an eye on the forums. You better get ready.

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