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Grab n’ Throw new PvP has Proton support

grab n' throw new first person pvp game already has proton for linux via windows pc

Grab n’ Throw new first person PvP game already has Proton for Linux via Windows PC. Thanks to the mad commitment and effort of developer Golden Syrup Games. Due to make its way onto Steam.

A new game Grab n’ Throw, is a variety of different game modes and maps. while focusing around throwing your own team mates to win. Which you can either play on your own or with friends.

Grab n’ Throw is built to be super quick to get into – no long loading screens. So just two clicks and you’re into a game. It’s a design that scales down to just 2 people within a region. All while still being fun, or against AI if you prefer singleplayer. It’s built on Unreal Engine 4, and will be on Steam, which also has great networking. The aim is to have a demo available this year. While offering a full release for the game next year.

According to the developers email reply, Proton support works already.

I was originally planning to do a Linux build. But I think I’ll just use Steam’s Proton. I’ve tested it and it works really well.

Meaning, Grab n’ Throw will have Proton support on day-one. Although there may still be hope for a native Linux build. But it’s still too early for details about Steam Deck verification. But check out the trailer below.

Grab n’ Throw Announcement Trailer

Who doesn’t appreciate a good interactive first-person game? Those that do not literal sandbox titles. While at the same time making you want to explore the edges of anyway. So that’s what Golden Syrup is developing. Oh, and there are power-ups in Grab n’ Throw

A quick sample of the game modes:

  • Hole in One – Throw force is cranked up massively. Fly through the air, kilometres at a time, and try to land in a golf hole that moves further away. Make your way across a 256 km^2 map. Bounce off randomly placed surfaces, and score extra points for holes in one. Making the longest throw in Grab n’ Throw
  • Bombarda – Dodgeball crossed with soccer, except instead of balls you throw stacks of your own team-mates. Every goal tilts the whole field against you! Take the offensive and try to win on goals. Or hang back and smash into the other team to beat them with outs!
  • Volley Bash – Throw your team-mates across the net to score goals by slamming into the ground.
  • Lawyer Launch – Run through a high-rise office building and hurl more lawyers out of windows than your opponents.

Grab n’ Throw first person PvP game is coming to Steam next year. Along with support for Linux via Proton using the Windows PC build.

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