Graveyard Keeper Alpha Trailer and Demo

graveyard keeper alpha trailer and demo for windows linux mac

So the Graveyard Keeper new Alpha Trailer is here with a Demo, Windows only, but Linux is coming with the full release. Since this means using Wine or PlayOnLinux. We do have the new trailer for this inaccurate medieval cemetery management sim.

For those who do not know. Graveyard Keeper lets you build and manage your own graveyard. While finding shortcuts to cut costs, expand into entertainment with witch-burning festivals. Because why not scare nearby villagers into attending church.

So yes, this is a game of capitalism. Doing whatever it takes to build a thriving business.

Graveyard Keeper Alpha Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So the trailer looks like Stardew Valley, but with a twist. This is not gardening, community involvement or fishing. Nope this is about that good ole graveyard management and profit.

What You Need To Know about the Demo:

  • New Trailer! To celebrate the Alpha Launch, we’ve released a brand new Alpha trailer. It’s a condensed version of the previous 5-minute gameplay reveal trailer.
  • Launch Date! Graveyard Keeper will launch on Linux, Macs and Windows on August 15th.
  • Available w pre-orders Anyone can go to and pre-order the game, priced at $24.99 USD getting instant Alpha Access!

Since Lazy Bear Games and tinyBuild are working on the game for the past 2 years. Graveyard Keeper Alpha also includes most of the mechanics and a lot of the story. While it is missing that polish and final quest structure. Which is of course coming in the full release of the game.

Your dreams of running a historically inaccurate medieval graveyard come true today. Welcome to the Graveyard Keeper Alpha!

“There are no embargoes. Feel free to play the game, write about it, stream it – everything goes!”

The feeling of getting lost in the world can be fun. There are so many side-quests and quirky characters.

So here is hoping the the actual game exceeds everyone’s expectations. Enjoy the alpha and share the love. Since we have to share that Linux and Tux Love in the gaming community.

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