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GraviFire logic puzzle game releases now on Steam

gravifire logic puzzle game releases now on steam in linux gaming with windows pc

GraviFire logic puzzle game releases now on Steam in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Potata Company, we now have a native build on Steam. Along with 100% Positive reviews.

A new puzzle game now challenges players in the Linux community. All thanks to indie game studio Potata Company, consisting of two developers from Russia. GraviFire is a logic game that mixes the mechanics of movement with gravity. Tasking players with moving all the objects to their rightful places. Doing so simply by controlling the character and the force of gravity. It’s not designed to be easy, since there are some interesting obstacles. How you go about completing each task is up to your genius.

GraviFire – release trailer

The gameplay behind GraviFire is based on a couple of basic mechanics. This also includes a few advanced mechanics and their combinations. The goal is to move the boxes to the required spots. Which looks simple enough, since each level is affected by gravity. This also means you have to change the thought process, moving away from the general principles of Sokoban. Although you can change the pull of gravity in four directions in GraviFire. But not all of them are available at every time. Therefore, finding the solution might not be that simple.

The Plot:

The green fire has been abducted by evil aliens. Forcing him to solve puzzles for tests. As a result, he needs to pass all the tests to be able to return the green fire back home. You have to brainstorm over 50 levels. Gravity, movement, killing lasers… What else the aliens have prepared?

GraviFire releases this logic puzzle game on Steam. Mixing the mechanics of movement and gravity plus support in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Plus a 20% discount until January 27th, dropping the price to $3.19 USD. So you can brave the challenge and it’s almost free.

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