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Gravity Circuit 2D platformer gets a Demo

gravity circuit 2d platformer game is coming to linux and mac with a windows pc demo

Gravity Circuit 2D platformer game is coming to Linux and Mac but has a Windows PC Demo. Due to the creatively evil minds of Domesticated Ant Games. Working to make its way onto Steam.

Domesticated Ant Games​ are eager to announce the Gravity Circuit‘s Demo. Which is only available on Windows PC, but play exceptionally well on Linux via Proton. Including seemless controller support.

Gravity Circuit is a flashy action packed 2D platformer. One that also holds the spirit of console classics. While you follow Kai, a lone operative war hero. Who also holds the mysterious powers of the Gravity Circuit. Doing so on an adventure in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by sentient robots. ­

Gravity Circuit – Eaveal Trailer

Let’s wake up, fight for the less fortunate. ­

  • You play in a post-apocalyptic world populated by robots. Its people are once again threatened by an old enemy, the Virus Army.
  • Defeated decades ago, the Virus Army has emerged from the shadows. Along with the sole aim of complete world domination.
  • Terribly weakened, the Guardian Corps troops have no choice but to call upon a hero. Also one from the previous war: the lone agent, Kai. Who masters the mysterious powers of the Gravity Circuit.
  • Gravity Circuit comes with maximum action. So you can focus your power in your fists and send enemies flying Or simply grab them and dot the I’s.
  • On your quest, you’ll gain many new powers that will allow you to excel.

With great power comes great responsibility!

  • Run, dash and jump into intense levels. Use your grappling hook to explore this setting faster and solve puzzles.
  • Unlock a total of 20 chips to personalize Kai’s gameplay. And 20 burst techniques to personalize Kai’s fighting moves. For exemple Rising Upper that launches an ennemy in the air.
  • Both unlockables are gated behind beating levels and rescuing civilians
  • You have to go through different worlds in Gravity Circuit. Each has its own specialties.
  • Glide through the icy mountains to find out what caused the pipelines to explode. Clean up the overrun power plant and avoid electrocution. Explore cyberspace, protect firewalls and stop hacking attempts.
  • The levels are full of secrets and innocent citizens. Find them to help them and unlock new powers !
  • Will you become a hero again, or will you let yourself be beaten by the Virus Army ?

Gravity Circuit 2D platformer is due to launch on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. And also be sure to try the Demo.

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