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Gravity in Space is a unique sim and action shooter

gravity in space is a unique sim and action shooter for linux and windows pc

Gravity in Space is a unique sim and action shooter for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Cross and Dot Products. Who also implement astrodynamics via Steam Early Access.

Gravity in Space originally released on Steam as Early Access at end of January. Which is also experimental fusion of an astrodynamics simulation and action shooter. Where players learn how to use gravity forces. So that you can work your way through dream like worlds. At the same time, trying out play enemies to shoot them. Unlike most other space games the player is actually bound to Newton’s laws of motion. Therefore, he cannot control where he goes directly. But can do so only indirectly through speed impulses that add to his current speed vector. Controlling a spaceship is totally different compared to an aircraft, much harder.

Besides the unique flight behavior, the game also offers an uncommon spaceship design. As well as level design and weapon mechanics. On top of amazing lighting and in-game mechanics. Developer Cross and Dot Products are doing some impressive development of this unique sim.

Gravity in Space – Early Access Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)


  • Enter your own little spaceship in Gravity in Space. But don’t let yourself get too deep into the six degrees of freedom. Rotate along any axis and boost into any direction you want. Independent from your current speed and orientation. Plus, your ship comes with 16 powerful rocket engines.
  • Learn how to master astrodynamics and gravity forces by solving various challenges. There are 25 of them spread over 14 different levels. Collect energy cores and reach certain orbits. Also, destroy enemy explosives, fight against enemies, and more. A rank system tells you if you have trained enough to join multiplayer battles. So you can get into more difficult Gravity in Space challenges. Maybe even retry a challenge to get a better score and level up.
  • Visit not only familiar planetary systems, but also surreal levels. Fly into the interior of objects and move between hundreds of floating asteroids. Or simply hide within thick nebulas. Since you have to mess with physics, you don’t need to care about scale. So there is no boring, endless emptiness like in real space. Instead, expect varied, compact levels. Gravity in Space lets you travel around a planet in real time within seconds. You can even fly through a giant asteroid field in less than a minute.
  • A lot of celestial bodies are dynamic. There are worlds with hundreds of objects floating around at the center via gravity. And you are right in the middle of them. But don’t worry: practical navigation helps you to avoid collisions. Even when you fly backwards, and to reach your desired orbit. But you have to keep an eye on resources. You might lose control of your ship and crash into the next moon, planet, or asteroid belt.

1 vs 1 Mode:

Fight online against other Gravity in Space players in 1 vs 1 mode. Carefully plan your orbit through space and outplay your opponent. At least until you can finally get a chance for an attack. Tactical movements and fast fights let you take turns at will. One match lasts up to ten minutes and is amusing, exciting, demanding, and often an emotional experience.

Gravity in Space is available on Steam Early Access priced at $13.99 USD. This unique sim and action shooter is also available on Linux and Windows PC.

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