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Great God Grove is shaping up to be unique

great god grove funny puzzle adventure game has linux support in sight with windows pc

Great God Grove funny puzzle adventure game has Linux support in sight with Windows PC. Thanks to the skilled LimboLane development team for their exceptional work. Due to make its way onto Steam.

So, I just got wind of this new project from LimboLane, the creator’s of Smile For Me. They’re releasing Great God Grove in 2024, and it’s shaping up to be something really unique. And, there are sights on native support.

…we’re “interested in making the game available for Linux pending our development schedule. The game is built in Unity.

LimboLane, the creative minds behind Great God Grove, are hard at work developing the title using Unity, primarily focusing on Windows PC. They’re also working on native Linux support. As for the release schedule, it’s still being finalized, so a day-one release is possible, but it’s a bit early to confirm that just yet.

The world’s on the brink of chaos, the top god’s lost it, and everything’s going awry. In this madness, you’re the mail carrier but here’s the twist: your job is very important. Since you’re the one keeping the lines of communication open in a world filled with humans, deities, and a bunch of eccentric characters.

Great God Grove Reveal Trailer

Now, every once in a while, the gods have this meeting to delay the end of the world. But this time, things are totally out of control. The god who’s supposed to be all about communication has started fights and then just left. With the so-called King gone and the deities in a mess, there’s a huge rift in the sky that needs closing, or else it’s game over for everyone.

Here’s where Great God Grove gets even more interesting. Your tool? The TRUSTY MEGAPON. It’s not your average postal gear; think of it as a mail-cannon that sucks up dialogues and shoots them back out to solve puzzles.

You’ll come across around 60 different characters. Each has their own stories and issues. Your job? Listen to them, understand what’s going on, and then deliver the right messages. It’s all about making connections and seeing how your actions impact their reactions.

The gods in this world are anything but ordinary. You’ve got a deity for TEAMWORK, one for LOVE SONGS – Great God Grove gas a mix-up that makes you wonder who’s really running the show.

Now, get ready for a vivid, expansive world with eight unique gods, and gameplay that switches between third and first-person views. There’s a lot to explore and discover.

Think you’re ready for godly crushes, pumpkin fights, and puppets cooking? But there are things even you might not be ready for – like Grovekeeping and Godbossing. And let’s not forget the very survival of the world is at stake.

This funny puzzle adventure project isn’t just another addition to your library. Great God Grove is a deep game that’s due to redefine how we interact with storytelling and world-building. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam, due in 2024 on Linux and Windows PC.

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