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Green: An Orc’s Life card swiper support incoming

green: an orc's life card swiper support incoming for linux windows pc

Green: An Orc’s Life card swiper incoming to Windows PC, but also Linux as well. According to a recent reply from Numbered Entity. The games due to release this week on Steam.

Green: An Orc’s Life is a card swiper, decision based orc simulation. Since each swipe is a year in an orc’s life. There are also interwoven stories, depending on your stats and decision. You can stay in the more brutish side of orc nature. But you can certainly develop your orc in any way you want.

From your first day of orc-life, freshly spawned. All the way through childhood, adulthood, and old age. All to the day when you cross over to the big green yonder of the afterlife. Since just swipe left or right to decide your story.

So when can you expect to see Green: An Orc’s Life on Linux. Well, it’s in the works.

Green: An Orc’s Life was created through Unity. At present, the initial release will be on Windows PC. But I would love to release it on Linux. Although I can only test it on PC at present. Once I get a Linux build up and running, in the foreseeable future.

Since it seems like almost every game release is a Unity 3D title. Once again this is the case. And right now Numbered Entity is working on installing Linux. Then from there, a port. But it doesnt’ look this will mean a day one release. Although it could happen.

Green: An Orc’s Life TRAILER

Green: An Orc’s Life lets you become a brutal beast. One who is also feared throughout the world. Chased by do-gooder bounty hunters. Rise to the mantle of King of the Orcs and lead your horde to war. Transcend greatness, perhaps, to arise from your deathbed as the de-facto orc deity. Every decision counts. Every swipe builds or erodes your reputation and abilities. Be cunning, choose carefully. Nefarious plots and blind fortune await. Eat halflings, become fat and rich, or languish as a mere minion at the bottom of the totem-pole of orc society.

Stats and Loot: Find artefacts and achieve rewards to boost your abilities. Build your horde, please Krog, the orcish war god, spread fear and gather tons of loot. Use strength, cunning or even your renowned appetite to tackle the myriad events during your orc’s life.

  • Green: An Orc’s Life has a variety of stories. So you can decide on events during every year. Befriend those useful to your rise, crush all enemies. Due note, there is danger behind every corner. Deal with shaman’s, goblins and the lesser species. Such as dwarf, elf, human and tasty halfling.
  • Quests: From set quests asking for mere survival to slaying a dragon in a dungeon, create a legacy of anti-heroic proportions.
  • Orc Style: With graphic-novel style art, adventure across a fantasy world to the sounds of war-drums and war-horns.

Green: An Orc’s Life card swiper is due to release on March 17th. Coming to Windows PC, then Linux. Unless we are fortunate to get a day one release. Fingers crossed.

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