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Green Mirror abandoned then gets picked up

green mirror point and click abandoned then picked up for linux mac windows games of 2017

Green Mirror is a 2D point-and-click horror adventure game. Also a clear Lovecraftian influence headed to Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. This combines the classic gameplay of these games with some new mechanics. Including exploration sections that will submerge players into secondary content. Which are developed aside from the main story, complementing it.
While this sounds interesting, it seems the Green Mirror has been abandoned. I emailed the studio to follow up the announcement in early 2017. Since the games release was supposed to be October 31, 2017.

“Thank you so much for the interest in our game, Green Mirror. But I’m afraid we suffered a setback that will delay it some time.

After Luminy studios abandoned the project. We only remained two team members creating the game and that programmer has recently abandoned it. That’s why I had to find someone to replace him. They are already working in the game, but the new programmers will need some time to have the game ready. And make it perfect for all of you to play.”

So it looks like Green Mirror point-and-click horror adventure is back. Well at least in development with new programmers at Bad2theBone. This is a bit of a shock, considering the original developers statement about their “great motivation.” Including, “We don’t believe that creating a great adventure requires a huge team, high-end equipment and unlimited financial resources.”
No further details are give as to why the studio abandoned the games development. So this will be a wait and see project.
Since playing the games Demo, it’s an interesting title with a unique plot. A few twists along the way too.

Green Mirror Release Teaser:

Green Mirror Features:

  • Atmospheric exploration – The forest that covers the natural reserve like a green mantle. Hiding many secrets and dangers buried by the time. That’s the reason why many of its zones have been now unavailable to the public. It’s been a long time since the forgotten paths that wind through the undergrowth have passage … until now.
  • Puzzle Solving – There are many hidden mysteries in the dark corners of Steelrock Canyon’s forest. Waiting to be unveiled, old knowledge yearning to release yet again, and more complex motivations than it may seem at first.
  • Survive! – Take care of your wounds, seek help and escape the threats that wait for you in every corner. It seems as if the forest around you is alive … and you can not trust it.

Green Mirror is set for a day-one Linux release, as well as Mac and Windows. The games listed on Steam but no official release date is available. We’ll have more details as they unfold for 2017.

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