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Green Planet release date for Surviving Mars

surviving mars green planet release date in linux mac windows pc games

Surviving Mars: Green Planet has a release date and livestock coming to Linux, Mac, Windows games. Thanks to Paradox Interactive and Haemimont Games today. Who are announcing the Steam and Paradox Store release date.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet will launch on May 16th. Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which also includes Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Launching alongside the Green Planet expansion, There is also the Project Laika content pack. Since this is what will bring livestock and pets to Mars. Adding a unique feature to the red planet.

Surviving Mars Green Planet Feature Breakdown Part 2

Surviving Mars: Green Planet introduces Terraforming Parameters. Expanding the survival management game. Which adds new layers of strategic depth. Since players can build new structures. Complete special projects. And also seed vegetation across the surface of Mars. All to terraform the hostile planet. While building a second home for humanity.
Once Mars is capable of supporting human life. You can open the domes. So you can let their colonists breathe the fresh Martian air.

Humans aren’t the only species trying to live on Mars. The Project Laika content pack adds a variety of pets. As well as livestock to benefit colonies. While improving life on the Red Planet.
So players will be able to breed livestock. And also increase food production. While pets explore their new home.
Keep an eye on what colonists consider pets, though. Some of their companions may be a surprise.

Surviving Mars: Green Planet Tutorial Part 1 (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Surviving Mars: Green Planet features include:

  • Terraforming: Terraform Mars and make the hostile planet livable. Each decision you make can also affect the Terraforming Parameters. Which includes Atmosphere, Temperature and Water. Plus Vegetation and ideally brings them closer to habitable levels. Monitor your progress on a planetary scale. While using the Planetary Overview UI. Once you’ve made the atmosphere breathable. Then you can open the domes of this Green Planet. So you can let colonists breathe Martian air.
  • Green Mars: Seed the surface of Mars. Use various lichen, grass, shrubs or trees. Then watch as they begin to turn the Red Planet green. Low maintenance plants like Lichen can improve the soil quality. Helping more complex plants grow. While Trees produce high seed yields. Either for your colony to harvest. Also be sure to monitor your soil quality levels. Keeping your plants healthy and growing.
  • Special Projects: Take on seven challenging Special Projects. Such as melting the polar caps or capturing ice asteroids. Launching a space mirror. While you begin shifting the Terraforming Parameters. Be careful, these projects will have a lasting impact on the planet. And will also trigger natural disasters.
  • 7 New Terraforming Buildings: Construct seven new buildings. So you can help you terraform the planet. Or capitalize on the changes in Green Planet. Use the GHG factory. So you can release greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Or use the Forestation Plant to boost vegetation production. Also the Water Pump can fill a man made lake bed, and more.
  • Climate Calamities: Terraforming a planet can have unexpected consequences. So if you release too many greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. You can also trigger acid rain. Which reduces soil quality. Or if an asteroid slams into the planet. That will cause a Marsquake. Since this can disrupt your colony’s production.

Project Laika content pack includes:

  • Animal Farm: Breed up to eight different farm animals in Martian Pastures. Including Cows, Chickens, Pigs, and more. On the Green Planet you can raise farm animals. Either for food in the new In-Dome Ranches. Or Outside Ranches, depending on their size. And consume more water than crops.
  • Martian’s Best Friend: Animal Pack features 25 different pets. All ranging from your usual suspects. Such as cats, dogs, and rabbits. Plus some uncommon critters like llamas. Also penguins and platypuses. Once you terraform the planet enough. Pets will go outside to explore nearby bushes and trees.

Pre-orders for Green Planet and Project Laika are available. Priced at $19.99 USD and $5.99 USD respectively. Check it out on Steam and Paradox Store. There is also the Green Planet Plus bundle. Which includes both the Green Planet expansion. And also the Project Laika pack for $23.90 USD.
The release date is May 16th. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC games.

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