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Greenlit: Fading Hearts a Visual Novel on Steam for Linux, Windows, and Mac

This one is for the anime and #jRPG lovers (yours truly). Fading Hearts has just been greenlit by the Steam community. So the #game by Sakura River Interactive is having a Steam #release, along with a Linux version too. The game is a visual novel with beautifully drawn characters and environments. It is currently 25% off and the offer is available till 13th of February 2014.

Fading Hearts is an interactive visual novel in which you play the role of Ryou, who is a normal high school boy in a place called Sorayama. The game is a mash up between a dating sim & daily life simulator with RPG elements in it. The biggest focus of the game is that unlike other visual novels, the game doesn’t egg you on one of the few predetermined path, but rather would have you decide on the outcome of the game itself. As such, how you play the game is entirely up to you. You could live a very normal life like that of a normal high school boy by hanging out with your friends and studying remaining ignorant of the secrets around you, or you could live a more adventurous life by trying to solve the mysteries surrounding you and saving Claire. You get to choose to prioritize what you want to accomplish and depending on that you can achieve one of the good endings or meet a fatal end that is one of the bad endings, depending on your choices and actions taken. The game even features NPCs who will egg you on to do some specific things, which you can either follow or ignore entirely. So you basically forge your own game, as whether you believe them or not is entirely up to you.

The game is also available DRM free from the Sakura River Interactive website or in a  playable demo for Linux, Windows, and Mac.

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