Gregor Hills Haunted Hospital horror release

gregor hills haunted hospital horror games release for linux windows pc

Gregor Hills Haunted Hospital is a Top Down survival horror games release date for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Anamik Majumdar. Following the story of one of the most Haunted hospitals. Coming to Steam next month.

George, a Paranormal Investigator. Arriving at the most haunted hospital of Gregor Hills. This hospital was founded in 1940, also operating normally. But in the year of 1990. A few sections of the hospital are now desolate. Due to the reports of the paranormal activities.

Gregor Hills Haunted Hospital Official Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Moreover, during the 1970s. There was also an epidemic which resulted in the death of lots of patients. Since there was a murder in the hospital during the 1980’s.
In fact, a doctor part of the surgery department. Who was also murdered in one of the rooms in the hospital. So it is they that the doctor’s spirit still haunts the place.
At present, only a small portion of the hospital is active. But something lurks in the shadows of Gregor Hills Haunted Hospital. Apparitions are still obvious to various patients and doctors. Besides, ghostly voices, and whispers. You can also still hear these today. Especially during the evening and midnight hours.
Due to the various tragic incidents and Satanic rituals. All taking place in the abandoned section of the hospital in the past. It the hot spot for paranormal activities.


  • Explore the Haunted Hospital and face the paranormal.
  • Lots of spirits lurking in the shadows of Gregor Hills Haunted Hospital.
  • Use your scientific equipment to prove the paranormal.
  • Explore the basement and morgue for further evidence.
  • Nearly Half an hour duration of paranormal investigation.

So the survival horror release is coming on June 7th. The games also going to be priced at $0.99 USD. Plus the are also talks about a 20% – 40% launch week discount. The games also going to be available on Linux and Windows PC.

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