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Grey Block stealth adventure coming to Linux

grey block stealth adventure game is coming to linux with windows pc

Grey Block stealth adventure game is coming to Linux with Windows PC. Which is the creative effort of developer Silver Rat Studios. Working to make its way onto Steam soon

Grey Block is the first release from new indie developer Silver Rat Studios. The game began development in September 2016 as a passion project. Designed as a short story to capture the nature of future releases. The game is a slow burn, psychological thriller that combines the story. This also includes the character and cinematic elements of The Last of Us. Along with the conspiracy webs, corporate intrigue, and hacking elements of Deus Ex.

Grey Block is also due to make its way onto Linux.

I have not yet cut a Linux build, but it is on my radar.

The Silver Rat Studios developer is also a Linux user in his day job. Plus, Unreal Engine 4 is being used for development. But right now, the dev just hasn’t had the time to try a Linux build yet. But “it would be nice to cut a release”. So we don’t have a day one confirmation, but support is coming.

Theo Church is the victim of a massive conspiracy hatched by his wealthy and powerful father. David that had him committed to the Green Valley Psychiatric hospital. This is also (a hospital that David is a premier donor to) for the rest of his life.

Nikki Salzano is a player in the original conspiracy, who breaks into Green Valley to help Theo escape. However, Nikki knows that in order for Theo to fully escape his father’s grasp he needs to collect evidence. Due to prove there was a conspiracy to have him committed.
In Grey Block, as Theo, you’ll have to search the hospital’s halls as stealth as possible. All while finding as much evidence by hacking computer terminals. Including finding paper documents and taking pictures of key items. You’ll have to work around security guards, and lure them out of their offices. All so you can access their terminal and increase your keycard access. This will allow you to go deeper into the hospital and find more of its secrets. Along with the ultimate goal of reaching the highly secure, state of the art, research wing donated by Theo’s father. Which is the Church Institute of Psychologicaa Research. Also referred to amongst the patients of Green Valley as Grey Block.

Key Features:

  • A deep, human, story in a unique corporate dystopia that is thematically correct
  • Hacking elements that break the mold of typical in Grey Block. Heavily abstracted and Hollywood-style hacking mechanics. Which also require the player to be logical in solving puzzles
    • For players looking for an additional challenge and a greater degree of immersion, an optional UNIX-style command-line interface is available to type commands into terminals
  • Violence is discouraged, but the option is available for players who choose that path
    • Player choice will have an effect on the game ending
  • Highly cinematic with fully-voiced characters and a snappy dialogue-style (aka: oodles of sarcasm)
  • Integration with Steam achievements and trophies for players looking to add to their collection

Grey Block stealth adventure game is due to launch on Steam, October 26th, 2022. Due to be priced at $19.99 USD / £15.49 / 16,79€. Along support for Windows PC, but also Linux.

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