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GRID 2019 shows signs of support but….

grid 2019 game shows signs of linux support beside windows pc

GRID 2019 racing experience game shows signs of Linux support beside Windows PC. Which is Developed by Codemasters. Available now on Humble Store and Steam. But there was a change via SteamDB that gives hope.

GRID 2019 is now available on Windows PC. While giving race fans intense wheel-to-wheel action. And also putting you on some of the most challenging street tracks and race circuits. Winning the famous Best Racing Game at the gamescom Awards 2019. GRID gives players choice and accessibility. While allowing you to play your way with a superior handling model. For both sim players who want a fun experience and casual fans. Really anyone looking for a challenging racing game. But the SteamDB change certainly gained some attention. Here is what Codemasters had to say about GRID 2019

It looks like this is something that is going through Feral Interactive who are one of our partners.
The changes to the SteamDB listing are the result of routine Steam depot changes. We do not have any announcements to make regarding a Linux port of GRID 2019.

So clearly, a Linux port for GRID 2019 would be the result of Feral Interactive. Which is also a bit of a leak. CodeMasters are very careful about not being directly involved in the port. But obviously stating what is happening on their end. Although, regarding Linux support, it does look hopeful.

GRID 2019 | Official Launch Trailer

From lights out, players will experience the true drama of motorsport. GRID 2019 isn’t about a procession of cars. Since there are 400 AI personalities ranging from calm to aggressive. Drivers stray from the racing line to prevent opponents from passing. Or they might brake late and do whatever is necessary to remain ahead of the pack. GRID 2019 features 104 career events. All across 12 race locations, the best drivers. Including Fernando Alonso and his esports team. FA Racing Logitech G, and the return of the famous Ravenwest Motorsport.

GRID 2019 is available now on Humble Store and Steam. Priced at $39.99 USD for Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game which shows signs of Linux support.