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GRID Autosport from Codemasters may have a possible Linux version


After the announcement regarding the beautiful Project Cars supporting Linux, the racing scene on Linux seems to have got quite a lot of attention. Now to add to the attention, Codemasters, the #developers behind the famous #GRID series have just said that they are looking at Linux as a possible #platform for their upcoming game GRID Autosport.

A Linux user over at the Steam Community shot an arrow in the dark asking whether Codemasters were looking at a Linux port for their game, even though they don’t have any games on Linux. Surprisingly Codemasters replied, “Not at launch but it is something we’re looking at and having discussions around. We’d love to support Linux, is a matter of when not if and for what titles.”

Even if it is not a launch thing, a Linux version is after all a Linux version, so that is a win for the Linux gamers. Add to that the point about it being “a matter of when” and you are almost confirmed about a future Linux version of GRID, which would also be the first game in the series to launch on Linux. With Project Cars and now GRID, the racing scene on Linux suddenly seems a lot brighter.

With literally hundreds of new ideas and improvements collated from forums, blogs, social channels and internal discussions, the GRID: Autosport team have been quick to weed out anything that did not fit with its base pitch, and worked with motoring journalists and professional drivers to rest on something that placed authenticity at its fore. So better get your steering wheels dusted and ready for some enjoyable racing sessions.

GRID Autosport is the next entrant in the famed series from the masters of racing game, Codemasters. The game is slated to launch on June 27th this year on Steam. GRID Autosport is all about professional motorsport. It features over 100 routes across 22 different locations.

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