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Grimshade tactical RPG and community support

grimshade tactical rpg and community support for linux mac windows games

Grimshade turn based tactical RPG games developer is looking for Linux community support. Since the Windows release is now live on Steam. Talented Russian developer TaleRock, considers support. According to their email reply.

Grimshade is the creation of 21 gaming specialists. Who now open up the world of Ree’fah. While presenting their work in this weeks release. A party-based, tactical adventure RPG. Which also includes an eye catching and beautifully turn based game.

The Steam launch follows a successful Kickstarter campaign. Since the team create a unique twist of the RPG genre.

Linux Support:

Grimshade is made on Unity. Don’t know what to tell you more about it, just asked.
We will port Grimshade to Mac a little bit later after the release and hotfixes. But not sure about a Linux now.
Our tech lead doesn’t have enough expertise to do it quickly. With the Mac version. And needs some research on this subject. I asked him about Linux but got nervous giggling back.”

So this is the reply the Linux port on March 11th. But the community also show encouragement on Steam. With some positive news:

“Now we’re gathering the information on how many people are interested in it. The initial decision will take place after the release. And strongly depends on its results. If there will be enough wishes [Wishlisting]. And some enthusiasts ready to help us with testing. We’ll definitely engage the Linux port.”

Since this the reply on March 13th. And definitely some interesting news. So I waited until the full launch, hoping for a Linux release. But that did not happen. Although I have personally tested Grimshade. The game works well via Proton.
However, a native Linux build would be far better. Since this is again, a Unity 3D game. So share that community Tux Love on Steam or Wishlist via Steam.

Grimshade – Launch Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Grimshade tells the story of the company of heroes, by a twist of fate, involved in the cycle of events unfolding in the world of Ree’fah. Numerous dreadful monsters infest the forest around the city of Brann and the high walls can no longer protect its residents from the attacks. The menacing army of the neighbouring kingdom have suddenly landed on the outskirts of the city, wreaking havoc. There is no hope for salvation. The strength of the city defenders is failing, and the King and his loyal Champions have vanished.

Also, Grimshade comes with a not to be missed or skipped tutorial. Since this will introduce the player to the seven unique members. Along with their weapons and tactical skills. Each of the cast has five slots. All to equip different pieces of equipment. Since this pairs with a unique ability; melee/ranged attacks. As well as defensive boosts, utility or special boosts.

So make sure to adjust the equipment before the battle. Selecting the squad and the skill set for each hero.
Setting up the combat is just a small part of what is on offer. While the innate nature of progression in Grimshade is the key. Since this ensures a great level of ongoing immersion. As well as continuing challenges.


  • No meaningless grinding
  • Fully narrated tutorial to set players on the right path
  • A rich and varied artistic style
  • A deep but understandable system of equipment-based skill and character role development
  • A world brimming with discoveries and exciting adventure
  • Seven special characters in Grimshade
  • A game to master, not win
  • 2D & 3D presentation
  • Find, trade, or craft new equipment to improve your characters and make them versatile and adaptable
  • Subtle tactical combat reinvention
  • And much, much more to be discovered

Explore the fantastic and sometimes frightening world of Ree’fah. With deep and intriguing dialogue. And visual detail complemented by the strong and compelling storyline. One that unfolds as you meet and interact with characters. Battling and becoming embroiled in ongoing conflict.

Forge your own path. Make decisions in numerous side activities. Or head out and explore the world. You’ll find new special equipment to expand your toolset. While diving head first into the plot. And uncover facts about the world’s history and its people.
Search far and wide. Maybe even discovering hidden easter eggs. Which so much to do, and many decisions ahead. You’ll develop friendships between heroes. Unlocking a variety of possible endings.

Grimshade tactical RPG is available on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD | £15.99 | €16.99. Releasing on Windows. But with enough community support we can have a Linux build. And yes, the games also coming to GOG as well.

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