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Grip action racing shooter launched on Greenlight for Linux and Windows PC


Today, a video showing off a prototype for Grip, a futuristic physics-flipping #combat #racing game for #Linux and Windows PC, just hit Steam Greenlight. Inspired by Rollcage, Caged Element the two-person team behind the development, will be taking to Kickstarter this month for funding.

Grip is an attempt to revive the Rollcage-style racing using Unreal Engine 4, “inspired by the Rollcage games” pretty much comes across as it will be almost exactly like Rollcage. But so far, the gameplay looks fast-paced and completely epic.


  • Hit speeds of up to 700 km/h while driving on floors, walls and ceilings – anything you can get your tyres on to keep the hammer down. And these brutes just want to keep on going, with GRIP’s specialised vehicle design and physics, flipping the car over no longer means game over.
  • Race on a variety of planets. From hostile, icy worlds to foreign, non-terrestrial cities, GRIP’s locations will be different to anything you’ve raced through before. With destructible structures around each track to use against your opponents, along with a variety of possible routes, you have to use your wits as well as your skill to win.
  • Choose from a roster of armoured cars, manufactured by different companies from around the galaxy. Each car has different specs – some swift and agile, others brutish and heavily armed. Then go on to customize your ride’s appearance and performance with well-earned upgrades.
  • Use an array of power-ups and weapons, ranging from missiles and guns, to laid traps and plasma cannons. We want to create the most bombastic weapons ever seen in a game like this, and with this we welcome input from the community. You help us design them, and we’ll bring them to life.
  • Race to a thumping soundtrack including Drum ‘n Bass (the music choice of Rollcage) along with Breaks, Techno and Trance. And if somehow you don’t like any of those genres, the game can be customised to play any music you like from your own personal library. Your game, experienced your way.

Caged Element is made up of Chris Malinson and Rob Baker, one of the programmers on the original Psygnosis Rollcage game. And Grip is aiming to have an electronic, club vibe for its soundtrack, but the game can be customized to play any music from your personal library.

For more details, head over to the Steam Greenlight page and vote for the coming release on the service.

You can also check out more content on the official Grip website and Follow the title on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


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