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Groove Gunner new VR rhythm shooter has a Demo

groove gunner new vr rhythm shooter has a demo for the game on linux and windows pc

Groove Gunner new VR rhythm shooter has a Demo for the game on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer BitCutter Studios Inc. Due to arrive on Steam Early Access later this month. And the game is VR only.

BitCutter Studios has announced Groove Gunner, a technical VR rhythm shooter. Due to release later this month on October 28th via Early Access. Even more so, the fact this is a VR only game, caught me off guard. Plus the VR rhythm shooter has a Demo available now on Steam.
The upcoming Early Access release is due to challenge players. Since you have to quickly switch between shooting incoming targets. All while you block a barrage of bullets. All perfectly timed to 15 hand crafted tracks at the time of release. The Groove Gunner hardest difficulty will challenge even the most seasoned rhythm players. As suggested by the theme of the tutorial – “Failure is not encouraged.”

The game highlights some fantastic indie music. BitCutter opted for a unique approach when choosing the music for Groove Gunner. Rather than following a traditional licensing model. They opened up submissions to artists around the world. While selecting songs that the developers felt provided the best fit. Both for the game’s mechanics and atmosphere. As a result we get an unexpected and refreshing mix of genres. With the familiar sounds of pop and electronic music. Infusing metal, hip hop, rock, and more.

Groove Gunner Early Access Trailer

Groove Gunner includes a full-featured editor, providing artists the ability to create and share their own songs with other players. BitCutter used the same editor to design the featured songs, offering creators the same level of control over the gameplay, stage, and lighting.

While in Early Access, players will have the chance to influence the development of Groove Gunner. Including changes and additions to game modes, features, and song charts.

With a free demo for the game on Linux and Windows PC. Featuring a selection of songs from the full game. Now available on the Steam page.

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