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Ground Pounders on Kickstarter, a Cross-Platform Strategy War Game

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Kerberos Productions, the Vancouver-based indie developers who successfully used crowd-funding in 2012 to complete their sci-fi roguelike, Sword of the Stars: The Pit, are back in the saddle with a new crowd-funding project, Sword of the Stars: Ground Pounders. Inspired by classic wargames like Panzer General, Ground Pounders is a hex-based, turn-based science fiction strategy game, designed to give gamers a new twist on traditional turn-based warfare.

Players will control an army from one of three playable factions, each comprised of several dozen of types of units. As the general of this high tech science-fiction army, you will lead your heroic Ground Pounders across a variety of alien worlds, increase their experience levels and abilities over the course of three military Campaigns, and use them to unlock special Combat Cards that can add unique effects to every phase of gameplay. Supporting cross-platform multiplayer matches as well as single player modes along with a full tutorial. If Ground Pounders receives enough support on Kickstarter, fans expect to see the game released early for Mac, Linux and other devices as well.

“Basically we’re making the type of game we want to play ourselves,” says Kerberos CEO Martin Cirulis. “Ground Pounders is a quick, deep, sci-fi wargame with modern, cross-platform, multi-player support. It’ll let us wargame wherever we want–at home, on the bus, waiting for a coffee!  And we get all this without having to trade off the depth, detail or style that a good strategy game needs.”

If the Ground Pounders Kickstarter reaches its goal, the developers have promised additional stretch goals, concentrating on more cross-compatible multi-platform support, with Mac, iOS and Linux builds made available to all Backers of the project who get the full game. Further Stretch Goals will include free additional content available as future DLC’s, including a 15-card Booster Pack of additional Combat Cards and a High-Definition Map Pack for Mobile Users. Additional Stretch Goals will include full DLC Expansions of the base game, with whole playable factions added, along with the supporting Units, Cards, Battles and Campaigns.

Other rewards for pledging Ground Pounders Kickstarter include a copy of the game at $15 or more, mention in the game’s credits for $20 or more, two copies of the game at $25 or more and the largest prize package of all at $1,000 or more including t-shirts, a Kerebos VIP Card, a vote for the game developer’s next project and more. To try out an early build of the game’s tutorial, check it out on Gamer’s Hell and look for the game’s full release by the end of 2013!

For more information on Ground Pounders, check out the game’s official Kickstarter page.

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