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Groundskeeper2 arcade shooter is “pay what you want” this week for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Groundskeeper 2 throws you in the middle of a war, the war with supernatural robots from outer space.. yeah.. we went there! This fast paced arcade #arena shooter is part of #Orangepixel’s 10 year #anniversary, and now available as “Pay what you want”, but only for one week on the developers site .

Every time you play this game you will gain further experience and have a better chance at surviving. Unlock new weapons like the machine-gun, laser-gun, rocket-launcher, and special tools like all-destroying lightbeams, shields, time-slowdowns, and more!

Unlock new worlds and hopefully become a true hero for the resistance… or you die a quick death and try again. Which happens more often than you think.

The original Groundskeeper was part of a Ludum-Dare, and the sequel is basically the jam’s “XXL Deluxe” version. With a thumping soundtrack, improved and fleshed out gameplay, and non-stop action.

Right now, Groundskeeper 2  is available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on the developers website as “pay what you want” this week only.






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