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GTFO co-op action horror FPS hits Early Access

gtfo co-op action horror fps release hits early access linux windows pc

GTFO co-op action horror FPS releases on Early Access for Windows PC, but keeps Linux for later. Thanks to Swedish independent game developer 10 Chambers Collective. The games is now live with 81% Very Positive reviews. Available for purchase on Humble Store and Steam.

GTFO comes from nine industry veterans coming together in 2015. Best known for PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2. Now releasing their new game GTFO. The 4 player co-op action horror FPS aims at hardcore gamers. Now available in Early Access. The game will also uses a system the team calls “The Rundown”. Since the will receive regular updates with new expeditions. These would be maps that replace the previous ones.

So what does this have to do with Linux support?
Well first off, GTFO is due to release on Windows PC first. Clearly stated in the FAQ. Where the developers explain the same thing they did previously via email in February 2019. Since they are a small team, they don’t want to pull off a simultaneous multi platform release. Therefore, the aim was always for PC first. And if the PC version is successful enough, that would give the developer reason to expand to Linux support. Stating, “which we’d love to do!” Which means making sure to Wishlist on Steam.

Now that we have that out of the way. There is also a piece of good news.
Since GTFO is now live on Early Access. You may already know that Unity 3D is being used for development. And so far, Proton users are already reporting Platinum Support. Which also makes it possible to get into gameplay now. And may help influence your Wishlist support.

GTFO Early Access – Explaining the Rundown

GTFO takes place in a terrifying underground facility called “the Complex”. Since your team’s survival relies on your ability to communicate. As well as coordinate your strategy. Plus counting your bullets, as ammunition is scarce. So firing your weapons is always the last resort. The game has already been making headlines in 2018. Since being playable for the first time at E3. While landing awards such as “Best Cooperative Game” and “Editors’ Choice Award”. As well as nominations for “Best of E3”. Seeing this is a mashup of Left 4 Dead and Aliens.

In GTFO, you and your co-op teammates play as prisoners. You are also held captive by a mysterious entity called “The Warden.” Who send you on deadly mission to carry out different tasks. And also retrieving various artifacts. These missions vary in difficulty. Due to sending you deeper into the more difficult underground. Starting out challenging and facing even more horrors.
As an example, during the Early Access alpha test. With a total of 303,954 prisoners sent down to the Complex. Only 3,786 of them came back.

9 Minutes of Gameplay

Even though GTFO is released in Early Access. The game already has a vibrant and growing community. There are a couple of Linux discussion posts. And during the alpha and beta tests. 10 Chambers has managed to build an active Discord server with about 80,000 members.

GTFO is available in Early Access for roughly one year. Available on Humble Store and Steam for $34.99 USD. Although, Steam does have a 10% discount until January 3rd. Available for Windows PC, and likely Linux with enough support. Plus the game will be regularly updated with new content.

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