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Guardian of Lore 2.5D adventure gets a free Demo

guardian of lore 2.5d adventure gets a free demo for windows pc playable on linux

Guardian of Lore 2.5D adventure gets a free Demo for Windows PC, but is playable on Linux. Thanks to developer Round2Games. Which is due to release in 2021 but you can play now on Steam.

Independent development studio Round2Games release the demo. So players can check out the platforming adventure Guardian of Lore. Which is available on Steam and very playable using Proton on Linux. Actually, it’s amazing to see how well controller integration works.

Guardian of Lore is a beautifully crafted side-scrolling action platformer. Which seems to resemble that of Dead Cells, but with timing needed for jumping. While you play as Prince Sayri. Whose mission is to save the memory of ancient Native American folktales. And of course, defending yourself using a sword and shield. Which you also uncover in game in your search.

Guardian of Lore Demo – Official Trailer

Guardian of Lore is a callback to platforming classics featuring whimsical settings with a distinct mystical flavor”, says Leopoldo Aizersztein, founder of Round2Games.


  • Jump, run, fight, and make your way through the magnificently crafted world of each folktale you enter.
  • Make the most out of Sayri´s unique spell casting and combat systems.
  • Collect knowledge hidden inside each level to unlock more powerful magic and items.
  • Test your skills against the wicked monsters, magical dangers, and unforgiving bosses that lurk within each folktale.
  • Experience art, characters and mythologies that expand upon the fantasy genre in unexplored directions.
  • Replay each story to see your impact on its ending and the world it paints on your screen.

The biggest trick to Guardian of Lore is timing. Since you will have to work around obstacles. While defending yourself against some challenging enemies.
But what’s different from a game like Dead Cells, gameplay requires some thinking. Getting around obstacles, timing your attacks as you work through each level. And due note, this is a Unity 3D game. Which explains why Proton works so well. Not to mention some stellar development.

Guardian of Lore will be launching on Steam in Q1 2021 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The game has been awarded as one of the top 100 most awaited indie games in Indie DB in 2018 and 2019. And since the 2.5D adventure gets a free Demo on Steam. This certainly gives you a taste of the game.

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